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Reaping the Benefits of the Best Remote Support Software

June 7, 2021
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If you’re a business owner looking to save time, capital and resources on critical tasks, you might be looking at remote support software solutions. The best remote support software on the market can optimize different parts of your business, set you apart from your competitors and increase customer retention.

Remote support software — also known as remote-first service — is software that leverages augmented reality technology to quickly and easily cross tasks off your to-do list.

This software has many applications across many industries. For instance, remote support software can reduce utilities companies’ carbon footprints and grow their businesses thanks primarily to fewer truck rolls, fewer dispatches of incorrect equipment, shorter wait times to connect team members and easier communication.

No matter your industry, it’s important to evaluate the benefits the best remote support software could offer your business model and how it can help you meet your long-term goals.

1. Increased Customer Retention Rates

Remote support software can increase customer retention rates in two ways:

  • Improved customer support
  • More immediate customer support

Through shared video screens and other key features of augmented reality, customer service personnel can provide a more interactive experience. This reduces customer frustration and makes communication easier. Customers can resolve issues faster with detailed, clear insights from your employees. If an issue can’t be taken care of on a call, agents can give better information to on-site technicians troubleshooting the problem.

Customer complaints are resolved quicker and with fewer mishaps or miscommunications. This translates to happier clients, increased customer loyalty and improved customer retention rates.

2. Improved First-Time Fix Rates

Did you know that the Aberdeen Group estimates 33% of service work orders require a second trip? That means almost one-third of calls need to happen twice. But the same study finds that about half of those second trips are avoidable because they stem from

  • a lack of experience;
  • limited access to information; or
  • wrong diagnoses.

With augmented reality remote assistance, information can be relayed quicker and easier, and on-the-ground workers can be connected with remote workers from just about any location. This means faster, more informed decisions can be made to diagnose the problem and find a solution.

3. Better Labor-Efficiency Ratio

When a technician doesn’t need to physically enter a home or business to resolve an issue, their commute and preparation time is effectively eliminated. That gives them more time to focus on fixing your customers’ problems.

With the best remote support software, your current existing labor force can deliver better results, which means less hiring, improved turnaround times and more bang for your labor buck. It’s a win-win.

4. Streamlined Projects Through Real-Time Information Transfer

By integrating merged mixed reality with remote support software — including drawing on screen and seeing hand gestures — all of your remote stakeholders can feel like they’re in the same room. As a result, information flows more easily, collaboration is seamless and reporting is more effective. Easier communication benefits every project, from sharing medical report test results to discussing data collected from oil samples. If your project requires effective communication, remote support software can help.

5. Effective Remote Training

Mathematician Paul R. Halmos is famously quoted as saying: “The best way to learn is to do; the worst way to teach is to talk.” The best way to commit something to long-term memory may be to actively engage with the activity or material rather than passively listening to an explanation.

If you want highly trained, competent technicians, customer service agents and salespeople, the best way to train them may be to have them practice tasks frequently. But, with current labor shortage, this is easier said than done. Remote assistance software can connect professionals and trainees from anywhere in the world through the best smart glasses 2023 or smartphones. It can give your employees an edge so they can generate a return on your business’s investment faster.

6. Immediate Audits/Equipment Inspections

Sometimes, safety audits and equipment inspections can hamper your business’s productivity — especially when you need to arrange a time to meet with a government official or industry professional. You might lose productivity or efficiency coordinating schedules and inspecting equipment.

Remote visual guidance can easily and conveniently connect an expert with your on-site tech. This way, you can ensure you are safety compliant and can catch issues immediately — or even before they arise — while maximizing productivity and output.

The best remote assistance software can also be used to remotely qualify a new supplier.

7. Production Line Optimization

Research and development engineers can use visual remote guidance to help factory engineers review production line first batches, fine tune for full production and ensure optimal functionality for all operations.

Most importantly, having experts connect with other team members at the click of a button means fewer delays and easy communication, which results in increased efficiency across departments and production lines.

8. Fewer Miscommunications/Errors

Mistakes can be costly, but they’re also unavoidable. You can reduce mistakes, though, with enterprise collaboration tools that improve communication between team members, departments and even customers.

Did you know that only 7% of communication is verbal? We lose so much in writing. All those reports we pour so much time into don’t count for much when we can’t conceptualize the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, 38% of a message is communicated through tone and voice, while the remaining 55% is communicated through non-verbal communication like hand gestures. Remote assistance software can improve communication, reduce errors and help workers see the bigger picture.

9. Saved Carbon Emissions

If your company has carbon emissions goals, remote assistance software can help you reach them. Environmental impact factors into many customers’ choices about where they take their business.

With reduced service dispatches, fewer wrongly ordered and shipped parts and increased first-time fix rates, remote support software can help service-based companies meet their climate commitments while saving time, capital and resources.

10. Close More Sales

Understanding your potential clients’ pain points is vitally important to winning their business. The more information your sales representatives have, the better equipped they are to close these opportunities.

Remote support software offers the chance to virtually visit a business before pitching the product that suits them best. This is excellent — and less formal — preparation for an in-person visit to close the deal. Remote support software can slot seamlessly into both your CRM and business development departments while offering a faster sales cycle and higher close rate.

Interested in learning more about the positive outcomes remote support software can offer your business, based on industry? Check out our checklist and facts to consider! Or you can get in touch to schedule a free, no-obligation demo and see for yourself how the best remote support software from Help Lightning could drive results for your business!

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