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We’re a growing, innovative and high-energy company applying the power of augmented reality to help our customers solve important problems in their field service, call center and manufacturing operations. We are passionate about the success of our customers, helping them achieve their revenue objectives, reduce costs and increase satisfaction among their end customers. Join Us!

Who We Are

We are a relatively young company based in Birmingham, Alabama with big ideas about the role that AR-enabled technology can play in the lives of our customers. We are creative problem solvers working to forever improve our technology and services on behalf of our customers.

What We Do

We are the leading provider of remote video assistance software to some of the largest companies in the world. We offer video collaboration services that enable a company’s experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world.

Why Join?

In addition to our positive company culture and strong benefits, we offer great personal growth opportunities. As a growing company focused on innovation, each team member has a powerful opportunity to contribute to our success. It’s a great time to hop on board!

Benefits of Working With Help Lightning

Next Generation Technology

High Growth Company

Mission-Driven Team

Positive Learning Opportunities

Flexible Work Options

Ever-Expanding Benefits

Supporting a Greener Future
for Our Kids

Using our remote assistance software, Help Lightning customers can significantly reduce the number of trucks they dispatch. This reduces cost, increases efficiency and often increases customer satisfaction as a result. And importantly, use of our software helps companies reduce their carbon footprint.
Of course this has become a major objective for many companies around the world. In fact, more than 25% of Fortune 500 companies have made a public commitment to being carbon neutral, using entirely renewable energy, or meeting a Science-Based Target (SBT) for emission reduction.

Employee Spotlight

We love highlighting our employees – you can learn about them and their contributions.
Scott Hildebrand
Director of Customer Success

Many of Help Lightning’s customers are familiar with Scott through his role as a Customer Success Manager. Whether training or troubleshooting, Scott has always been there to serve our customers with a positive attitude and encouraging word. And now, Scott has been promoted to Director of Customer Success. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! We look forward to many more years of success… for all of us.
We are excited to honor Scott on our Employee Spotlight!