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Medical & Scientific Equipment

Guarantee Uptime and Support for Critical Equipment

Medical & Scientific Equipment

Guarantee Uptime and Support for Critical Equipment

Companies in the medical and scientific
equipment industry across the
globe rely on Help Lightning.







Improve Remote Care

Engage patients easily and immediately with AR-backed video collaboration software, in which they can experience high-touch care, from the comfort of a virtual setting.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

When things go wrong, time is of the essence. Expedite the troubleshooting process by allowing all stakeholders to effectively arrive on site in seconds.

Train Employees

Efficiently and easily match trainees with experts from across the country via remote first software (without the overhead cost of travel!).

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Medical & Scientific Equipment Use Cases

Use Case: Training

In-person training for medical equipment has become vastly more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. But difficulties and costs were present even prior to the pandemic. Medical equipment is complex and highly sensitive, requiring many hours of in-person training to ensure it is being used properly.

Remote visual assistance software makes training easier and faster for both trainer and trainee. Merged reality allows medical equipment experts to effectively be onsite during procedures. This allows them to see a real time, detailed view of exactly what is happening. They can also guide trainees on how to operate tools and equipment. Whether in an adjacent hospital room or in another country, both can engage in virtual side-by-side training.

Use Case: Patient Care

Getting patients into a medical office for follow-ups to provide care and answer questions can be difficult.

This is true for the patient and time-consuming for the medical provider. Remote virtual assistance software enables high-touch patient care in a virtual setting. Medical professionals have the ability to engage patients and caregivers to ensure care is being properly executed. And ensures that at-home medical devices are being used appropriately.

Use Case: Supplier Qualification

Are your vendors able to supply consistent quality of materials, components and services in compliance with regulatory requirements? To confirm, this requires extensive review and audits to help your business mitigate risk.

Remote virtual assistance technology makes it possible to virtually evaluate suppliers and vendors against your company’s quality requirements. Additionally, this technology facilitates continued audits to ensure standards are being maintained.

You can review supplier manufacturing, production, technological capabilities and all other standards in real time. And measure this against your company’s own requirements to monitor for regulatory compliance.


What Our Customers
Are Saying

I was working from home before using Help Lightning, but was unable to help my customers because I had no way to see what they were doing. Now I see things I couldn’t see over the phone. The experience is so real I feel like I am in the clinic.

Helping Medical & Scientific Equipment Customers

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Medical & Scientific Equipment

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