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Supporting Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Success


Supporting Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Success

Companies in the industrial
equipment industry across the
globe rely on Help Lightning.







Reduce Resolution Time

Waiting for a technician to arrive onsite can take days instead of hours. Resolve problems faster with a remote-first solution.

Increase First Time
Fix Rate

Understand the issue in advance, send the right parts, and ensure the right expertise is applied to the problem and avoid a second trip.

Reduce Operational Costs

From efficient training and onboarding to avoiding unnecessary travel, reduce costs with a remote first approach.

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Manufac­turing Use Cases

Use Case: Planned Shutdown Maintenance

Shutdown maintenance can be costly, as it can only be performed when equipment is not in use. It is also a complex process, requiring several team members and engineers to complete maintenance quickly and avoid prolonged closures.

The ability to engage all required maintenance team members using remote software. This allows teams to work fast and stay on schedule. Now you can monitor all facets of the shutdown no matter where team members are located.

Use Case: Service and Repair

Industrial equipment suppliers spend a lot of time and money sending technicians on service calls. Whether it’s an industrial freezer or a printer, companies usually do not have specialists onsite. So who’s there to help when something goes wrong?

Remote visual assistance software allows industrial equipment customers to call in help in real time. Using merged video sharing, a specialist can be available to virtually walk customers through exactly what needs to be done. This can resolve the problem and provide very specific troubleshooting instructions.

In cases where a technician is necessary onsite, they will arrive prepared with a complete understanding of the problem. They will also be ready with the right parts and tools to fix equipment quickly.

Use Case: Equipment Installation

Equipment installation is typically dependent on the installation engineer’s availability. Getting engineers on site is costly and time consuming.

Remote virtual assistance software enables engineers to use their expertise virtually guide customers through the installation process. They can provide accurate directions, and call in additional experts as needed.

Support is available in real time, helping to ensure equipment is properly installed. This is true even if the person doing the hands-on work is not familiar with the installation process.


What Our Customers
Are Saying

Our sales team can use Help Lightning for walkthroughs with customers to verify if a system is a good fit for them. We can also reduce follow-up and support visits.

Helping Manufac­turing Customers

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Help Lightning Platform


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