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How do I set up a Help Lightning account?

If your company is a current customer of Help Lightning, see your administrator or you can contact our support team. You must get an invitation from an administrator to join your company’s site.

If you are new to Help Lightning, contact our sales team here.

How do I reset my password?

Access the Help Lightning app on your mobile device or on your computer/Windows tablet at

You will be presented with a sign in screen. Type in your login and hit Next, then tap “forgot password” and follow the prompts.

The link for my Help Lightning account invitation has expired. What do I do now?

Invitations do expire after 45 days.

First, check to make sure you aren’t already set up! If you have already accepted your invitation, it will no longer be valid. If you are not able to log in, contact your administrator so that they can send a new invitation.

I cannot log into my account, but I previously set one up.

Here are some possibilities:

  • You may have forgotten your password. If so, please reset it! (See Q: How do I reset my password?)
  • You are trying to log into the web app (at with a username associated with a personal (non-business) account. See your system administrator.
  • Your account may have been deactivated. Please contact your system administrator for more details.

How do I get the Help Lightning app?

On your mobile device, click on these links to download the app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android).

Using your web browser, no installation is needed. Use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (Chromium) or Safari to access

How do I know what version of the app I am on?

For iOS, go to Account and tap About

About Icon

For Android, go to the top menu and tap About

For web browser, click your name in the top right corner of the web browser and click the About button.

What devices can be used with Help Lightning?

Mobile Devices:  Any iOS or Android device will work. We support the current operating system, plus up to 2 previous versions.
Web Browser:  On the web, go to  We support the following browsers:  Safari, Firefox, Edge(Chromium), or Chrome.
Smart Glasses:  We currently support Vuzix, RealWear, and Zebra glasses.


When I log into Help Lightning, I do not see my other team members.

If you previously set up a personnel account with your company email, you may be logged into it. The top of the screen will display the account you are logged into. If your company name is not displayed, you will need to find the invitation to your business account and accept it. This will move your account over.

However, if you are in your business account, you may be set up in a restricted group. Contact your administrator.

Is any additional equipment needed?

For the desktop, an external camera is needed in order to set up an environment to give help.

Additional suggested equipment includes:

  • Tablet stand – if using a tablet to give help.
  • Earphones – if in a loud environment.
  • White mat – to place under your camera to Give help

What bandwidth is required?

Help Lightning automatically adjusts to the available network bandwidth. The video starts at HD, 720p resolution. If the wireless network is not sufficient to stream at this resolution, Help Lightning will automatically adjust the framerate and/or the video resolution to accommodate the available bandwidth. So, in most situations, the user does not need to worry about wireless bandwidth and Help Lightning will make adjustments automatically to optimize the user experience.
For the best experience, a minimum of 1 Mbps upload and download is required for needed.
You can download a free speed test or you may use your Safari, Firefox, Edge (Chromium), or Chrome browser and check your connectivity with:

How much data does a Help Lightning call use?

Help Lightning uses an average of 5MB/min. e.g. On a 15 min call you would use 75MB of data.

Why did the receiver of my call not see my call come through?

If the receiver of your call is connected to the internet and has their device powered on, they may still miss your call if they have notifications turned off. Make sure you enable notifications for Help Lightning to be alerted. If you are using the browser version, a tab with loaded must be open for you to receive a call.

If you do not see your answer here, please use the support form below and send us your question. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For support with the application, current customers can refer to the Help Lightning training page. You can also contact your Help Lightning administrator, or contact our support team directly by completing the form on this page.

We’re happy to help—it’s what we do best!

If you need access to a Help Lightning account, please contact your company’s Help Lightning administrator. Business accounts are activated via an email invitation that your administrator will be able to send you.

If your company does not have Help Lightning yet, please contact our sales team for more information.

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