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Fast and Efficient Support for Customer Success


Fast and Efficient Support for Customer Success

Call center teams across the globe rely on
Help Lightning to support and train their agents while delivering amazing customer support, and to effectively collaborate, solve problems and maintain their critical equipment uptime.







Improve Phone
Fix Rate

Enable agents to solve problems over the phone, reducing costs and eliminating an unnecessary dispatch to a customer location.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Use of a proven technology to reduce costs and solve problems quickly helps reduce friction with important customers.

Improve Onboarding
& Training

Apply the experience of experts to support training and onboarding of agents whether they work locally or remotely.

Explore the
Help Lightning Platform

See how our AR-enabled technology provides everyday value to you and your customers.

Visual Remote Guidance Platform
for Enterprise Transformation

  • Hyper‑Quick Merged Reality

    Unlock the power for extremely fast, accurate remote expert assistance with patented Merged Reality.

    Merged Reality is a virtual, side-by-side video collaboration with blended “live” hand gestures, overlayed visual instruction, curated quick knowledge, alpha-channel-enabled visual aids, pre-selected troubleshooting, and merged demonstration using real tools and equipment. Merge content and real interactions with AR spatial understanding and annotations.

  • AI Speed-Assist

    Help Lightning’s new AI capabilities offer a suite of innovative tools designed to enhance remote support and collaboration.

    The platform features VoiceScript AI (real-time transcription and translation during calls), IntelliAssist AI (agent interaction with AI during calls for troubleshooting support and visual assets), ClearSight AI (visual analysis of screenshots and images to retrieve relevant model information for rapid knowledge access), SmartFolders AI and SmartTag AI (automated organization and asset tagging for easy retrieval), and GuidePoint AI (step-by-step procedural action generation from text-based content, notifying agents upon completion).

  • Curated Quick Knowledge

    Share and manage smart, quick knowledge in visually guided procedures, chat, and merged reality fast help sessions.

    Manufacturers and service organizations accelerate precise communication with curated model and serial number related images, videos, guides, PDFs, drawings, and models from enterprise content. Understand flows quickly for installation, troubleshooting, safety, sales and break/fix service in merged reality or chat sessions.

  • Auto-Guided Self-Help

    Enriched standard operating procedures with video,
    AR, and annotated pictures that can be authored by
    any user enterprise-wide.

    Ensure compliance at each step. Eliminate delays and issues altogether with instant access to a context-aware, mixed reality remote expert at any step for inspection, validation, education, or problem resolution.

  • Industry 4.0 Spatial Computing

    AR visualization helps you find assets easily. Quickly locate faulty equipment in a crowded, multi-asset environment by scanning the field with your mobile device or smart glasses.

    Quick access to organizational knowledge from multiple sources — subject matter experts, guidance automation, knowledge bank, IoT real-time data and enterprise content — improves efficiency and minimizes downtime. Get real-time stats about the system’s components from your mobile device. View the big picture with unmatched spatial computing accuracy to find what you need to get the job done faster. You can even add merged-reality remote expert collaboration for speed to resolution and unmatched uptime.

  • AI‑Enabled Value Analytics

    Sophisticated value analytics for you to understand your successes and where there are opportunities to improve. AI support for trend predictions and what-if analysis is included.

    Drill down through interactive visual scorecards and metric measurements by region, division, product-line, equipment model, customer, incident type, even user groupings and skills, to understand what is working well and where you need to improve.

Call Center Use Cases

Our AR-enabled, remote assistance software supports a wide variety of call center use cases.


Dynamic Customer Support

The Problem: Customer service expectations have evolved alongside new and innovative technologies. Customers expect immediate attention, and they want quick answers with fast resolution.

Remote visual assistance technology helps customer support professionals provide customers with very specific guidance. Using a shared screen, technicians show customers how to resolve their problems.

If the issue cannot be resolved, remote virtual assistance technology provides a complete picture of the customer’s needs. It allows onsite technicians to fix the problem the first time.


Real-Time Troubleshooting

The Problem: The reality of most projects? A range of problems and issues arise on every job site almost every day.
For example, these include safety hazards, mistakes, miscommunication, incomplete work that holds up subcontractors, equipment failures, and so much more. Each problem typically requires costly job site visits from a range of project stakeholders and specialists. These can result in project delays.
Troubleshooting is one of the most common remote assistance software use cases. It becomes vastly more efficient and cost-effective when using a remote technology. As soon as the problem is identified, the appropriate expert can be virtually onsite to help troubleshoot.
A shared video screen facilitates collaboration. Also, this allows the person who is not physically present to provide specific troubleshooting instructions. This is supported using merged reality and 3D annotation as if they were onsite.


Guiding Remote Care for
Patients and Caregivers

The Problem: Getting patients into a medical office for follow-ups to provide care and answer questions can be difficult. This is true for the patient and time-consuming for the medical provider.
Remote virtual assistance software enables high-touch patient care in a virtual setting. Medical professionals have the ability to engage patients and caregivers to ensure care is being properly executed. This ensures that at-home medical devices are being used appropriately.


Agent Training & Onboarding

The Problem: The most effective way for call center agents to learn their jobs is to apprentice with an experienced colleague.
Unfortunately, training capabilities of many companies have been stretched thin in recent years. This is due to a substantial number of skilled & experienced agents retiring.
Remote visual assistance technology allows mentors and trainees to merge their environments, meaning that training can happen from anywhere.
This ensures that a skilled employee can be virtually present to guide new technicians on critical skills.


What Our
Customers Are Saying

A customer was unfamiliar with the correct usage and configuration for one of her machines. We conducted a Help Lightning call so that I could immediately assist her. I was able to save 2-hours of travel time and 1-hour of labor time in a matter of minutes.


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Help Lightning Platform


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