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How Remote Visual Assistance Enables Customer Self Service

Customer self service is becoming increasingly important in the digital age, and is a major value add across nearly every industry for companies aiming to remain competitive. Customers are becoming more technologically savvy, and with that, expect fast responses and quick resolutions. In fact, in researching for our recent whitepaper, Facilitating Effective Self-Service and Superior CX through Remote Visual Assistance, data showed 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a customer service question or issue.

Remote visual assistance technology supports customer self service and elevates the overall customer experience. Remote visual assistance is among the newer and more innovative ways to deliver customer self service, and is rapidly catching on as companies seek to delight customers with easier and more effective modes of communication and issue resolution.

Where Customer Self Service Falls Short

There’s no question that customers want faster resolution times and the ability to help themselves. At the same time, many customers complain that they cannot access human support when they need it. Whether dealing with a chatbot, self-service portal, or some other form of support, customers can be left frustrated if they cannot receive the help they need when they need it.

Whereas companies were pivoting toward various self-service platforms and technologies, many are now realizing customers require more service options. Sometimes customers simply require the aid and expertise of another human. The goal now is to provide human support when needed, delivering it as quickly as possible so that there is no lag time for the customer.

Remote visual assistance technology fills this critical gap. 

Remote Visual Assistance and Customer Self Service

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance technology is AR-enabled, allowing both sides of a video stream to engage with each other’s physical environment as if they were side by side. Augmented reality features include merged reality, spatial computing, 3D annotation, and video collaboration tools. This virtual environment enables companies to provide remote support, no matter where customers are located. 

Remote visual assistance uplevels customer self service, making it easy to bring a human element in. Customers receive ‘hands-on’ support that empowers them to help themselves. They no longer have to wait for a qualified technician to arrive onsite, as they can now receive expert guidance anytime, anywhere.

This model is proving very effective among Help Lightning customers. Our whitepaper illustrates that remote visual assistance technology, when used to support customer self service, resulted in:

  • 30% reduction in time to resolution
  • 20% improvement in phone fix/remote resolution rate
  • 15% reduction on average hold time
  • 20% reduction in product returns (i.e., RMAs)

With remote visual assistance supporting customer self service, customers get speedy results helping themselves with limited downtime. 

Download Our Customer Self Service Whitepaper

Facilitating Effective Self-Service and Superior CX through Remote Visual Assistance, is available for download. It explains current trends impacting customer self service, how remote visual assistance technology enables customer self service, and what customer self service looks like when delivered using remote visual assistance technology.

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