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Extremely Fast AR and Spatial Computing for Remote Assistance, Quick Knowledge, and Guided Self-Help


Extremely Fast AR and Spatial Computing for Remote Assistance, Quick Knowledge, and Guided Self-Help

With the combined power of Help Lightning and Fieldbit’s industrial AR platform for field service, your organization can gain efficiency, reduce expenses, improve customer experience, and maintain product expertise

Help Lightning Adds Fieldbit

Help Lightning adds Fieldbit technology suite to their remote service solution.
Fieldbit’s multi-source knowledge platform, provides curated information, spatial computing, and AR-enabled remote expertise allowing customers, call center reps and field-service technicians, to achieve results far faster and efficiently. Share “quick” knowledge from subject matter experts, accumulated organizational know-how, self-help guidance automation, IoT real-time data, and enterprise back-office solutions. The collaborative learning environment accelerates future time-to-resolution by capturing, preserving, and distributing newly acquired knowledge from expert guidance, troubleshooting and inspection.

Spatial Computing

In industrial sites with thousands of assets scattered across large areas, it’s not easy for field service personnel to quickly locate malfunctions to resolve issues, minimize downtime and prevent safety incidents. AR visualization is enabling field service personnel to get relevant, real-time IoT data about each asset so that they can navigate to the source of the problem and resolve it much faster.
When entering a location, service personnel can see warnings, readings, statuses, and critical labeling by simply pointing a mobile device at the field or using smart glasses for a 360° live interaction.

Knowledge Collaboration

Increase speed to resolution, lower customer effort, and enhance customer experience with a curated, smarter knowledge solution.
Manufacturers and service organizations can accelerate accurate communication by sharing curated model/class and serial number/instance knowledge (images, videos, PDFs, drawings) from enterprise content and new learnings captured from remote visual assistance. Create far faster information exchange for installation, servicing, break/fix, and parts knowledge to field service engineers, technical support representatives, and customers.

Guidance Automation

Guidance automation and Self-Help takes field technicians’ operational procedures, customer troubleshooting, virtual inspection, and installation to the next level.
Step by step, visually enhanced work instructions and procedures speed performance, lower production costs, lower customer effort, boost accuracy, and improve safety.
Enrich standard operating procedures with video, AR, and annotated pictures that can be authored by any user enterprise-wide. Ensure compliance at each step. Even record new or enhanced procedures of any job activity for future use or training. Customers are able to perform basic service procedures and instantly access a context-aware, remote expert if needed.

Visualization Platform Ready for Industry 4.0

AR visualization helps you find assets easily.
  • Quickly locate faulty equipment in a crowded, multi-asset environment by scanning the field with your mobile phone or smart glasses.
  • Quick access to organizational knowledge from multiple sources – subject matter experts, guidance automation, knowledge bank, IoT real-time data and enterprise content – improves efficiency and minimizes downtime.
  • Get real-time stats about the system’s components from your mobile device.
  • View the big picture with unmatched spatial computing accuracy to find what you need to get the job done faster.
  • Add merged-reality remote expert collaboration for speed to resolution and unmatched uptime.

Augmenting Your
Field Services

Help Lightning’s Fieldbit provides industrial asset manufacturers and asset owners with an enterprise-grade, multi-source field service knowledge software platform that uses augmented reality to meet the challenges facing field service technicians as they service expensive, complex equipment in hostile environments where any amount of downtime is hugely expensive.

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