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Help Lightning Videos

Help Lightning Overview

Help Lightning allows service organizations to deliver a consistently high quality of service to their customers and field techs. See how our exclusive features have made us the market leader.

Introduction to Remote Visual Guidance

From reduced truck rolls and lower costs, to better utilization of precious resources… not to mention a vastly improved customer experience, remote visual guidance delivers real value almost instantaneously.

Remote Assistance for Ricoh

Help Lightning’s Enterprise Visual Platform revolutionizes the way industries provide service support.

UAB Youth Safety Labs

UAB Youth Safety Lab is using Merged Reality to help parents properly install car seats. Help Lightning is providing the technology.

Zebra HD4000 and Help Lightning

Help Lightning’s Remote Assistance app allows product support experts to virtually interact in real-time within a technician’s field of view. It’s virtual “hands-on” assistance!

Remote Assistance for Genesys

Help Lightning provides customer service agents with the ability to virtually interact with a customer’s environment. This innovative technology improves communication, speeds problem diagnosis and resolution, and increases customer satisfaction.