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Reduce The Impact
Of Outages And
Equipment Downtime

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Companies in the energy & utilities industry across the globe rely on Help Lightning. Across all industries we serve, over 200 companies and 60,000 users across 90 countries rely upon Help Lightning to effectively collaborate, solve problems and maintain their critical equipment uptime.

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Improve Equipment Uptime

Whether you are supporting equipment in offices, hospitals or factories, uptime is critical to keep operations running smoothly.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Use of a proven technology to reduce costs and solve problems quickly helps reduce friction with important customers.

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Increase First Time Fix Rate

Understand the issue in advance, send the right parts, and ensure the right expertise is applied to the problem and avoid a second trip.


Fixing Utility Outages

Many utility companies struggle to dispatch technicians to customers in need of service and repair. Additionally, onsite service requests are costly and time consuming for the service provider.

Remote guidance software makes it possible to enter a customer’s home without actually having to be physically present.

Technicians are able to effectively work with customers. And they can guide them through troubleshooting and installation as if they were right beside them.

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Quality Assurance Inspections

Quality management includes Quality Assurance (QA) to assure that quality requirements will be fulfilled. It also includes Quality Control (QC) to ensure that operations are properly functioning. The entire process requires auditing and inspection to maintain and adhere to consistent quality standards.

Inspection of machinery and processes using remote virtual assistance provides fast and efficient quality management. Quality experts are able to be virtually onsite to inspect operations.

This facilitates the coordination of inspections, and the ability to remotely spot manufacturing defects and errors, and accelerate problem resolution.

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Planned Shutdown Maintenance

Shutdown maintenance can be costly, as it can only be performed when equipment is not in use. It is also a complex process, requiring several team members and engineers to complete maintenance quickly and avoid prolonged closures.

The ability to engage all required maintenance team members using remote software. This allows teams to work fast and stay on schedule. Now you can monitor all facets of the shutdown no matter where team members are located.

All while limiting impact to business and residential customers.

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Helping Energy & Utilities Customers

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Case Studies

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

“We are able to see the problem and diagnose it before sending an engineer. With Help Lightning, we can pinpoint problems and the parts needed. The more prepared they are, the better for us and for our customers.”

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