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How Boston Scientific Uses ASK ANGIE, Powered by Help Lightning, to Enhance Patient Care

Boston Scientific is committed to innovation that leads to life-changing medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. This mission is evident in the company’s development of ASK ANGIE, an augmented reality (AR) based remote assistance software. ASK ANGIE virtually connects hospitals to technical experts for live support, and also provides clinical applications, setup, and troubleshooting.

ASK ANGIE technology is powered by Help Lightning’s AR-enabled merged reality support platform. Results include improved patient care, enhanced accessibility of experts from any location, and support of optimal operations for hospitals located throughout the United States.

Prior to onboarding Help Lightning, high-touch support typically required Boston Scientific technicians to travel onsite, which was time consuming and could result in delays for the hospitals. Now, with ASK ANGIE, hospitals can get remote support that feels as if it’s in person, quickly and efficiently. 

Boston Scientific Product Manager Megan Johnson, explains how Help Lightning enables Boston Scientific to provide merged reality remote support for 170+ hospitals (and growing). 

Innovation for Enhanced Customer Care

ASK ANGIE is a merged reality app that brings the company’s experts right into the cath lab. Hospitals using ASK ANGIE get immediate access to help during a case and are able to connect with experts in a merged reality environment. No matter how simple or complex a procedure, hospitals get a high level of support so they can resolve issues and/or complete training without having to wait for a technician to visit them onsite. 

“Help Lightning has been a great partner in this, helping bring remote case support to our sales reps and hospitals in general, and people are loving it,” Johnson says.

With Help Lightning’s merged reality video streaming capabilities, ASK ANGIE enables people on both sides of the screen to engage with tools and equipment in a very dynamic and granular way that makes everyone feel as if they are in the cath lab together.

Ensure a Clinical Expert is Always Available 

With instant ‘hands on’ remote support, hospitals using ASK ANGIE feel assured that they will always have access to a clinical expert when needed. This helps improve their level of care and operational efficiencies, particularly when hospitals must restrict visitors. 

Merged reality video streaming joins together the video stream of two users to interact in real-time. Both sides can draw on the screen, freeze the screen, reach into the field of view to point to specific components or to demonstrate how something works. 

“Our clinical experts can be in a cath lab in the city and still support hospitals that are hours away,” Johnson explains. “If they are locked out of a hospital due to COVID restrictions, they can remote in. It’s as if they are in-person in the hospital to support the case.”

As the only AR-enabled remote assistance software available with merged reality, Help Lighting provides a platform to power ASK ANGIE so that technicians can virtually work side-by-side with hospitals.

Enable Customers to Maintain Optimal Operations

Help Lightning’s AR-enabled technology ensures Boston Scientific can immediately respond to hospital needs with ASK ANGIE. It’s a level of high-touch, hands-on care and support that’s invaluable to hospitals. 

“Hospital staff think the merged reality is very effective when they call on their clinical experts,” Johnson says. “It’s a major value add when a clinical expert can literally reach into the field of view and provide guidance with non-verbal cues. When our reps get ASK ANGIE calls from a nurse or physician, they can switch over and see exactly what they are talking about, helping that person feel more supported during a case.”

Operational efficiency directly translates to better quality patient care, and ASK ANGIE allows hospitals to get the support they need when they need it.

Connect with Help Lightning to Learn More About AR-enabled Merged Reality for Remote Support

ASK ANGIE ensures an expert from Boston Scientific can be made available, even if they cannot physically be in the room. Help Lightning technology makes it possible. 

Click here for a Help Lightning demo, and learn how AR-enabled merged reality can support your customers. Remote visual assistance is innovative technology that companies are increasingly relying on to improve efficiency, profitability, and to deliver high quality customer experiences.

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