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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific uses Help Lightning to power ASK ANGIE, a patented merged reality technology that delivers “hands-on” support.

Boston Scientific Product Manager Megan Johnson, shares how Boston Scientific is leveraging Help Lightning to provide merged reality remote support for hospitals throughout the country.

Innovative Support that Outperforms Competitors

Help Lightning powers Boston Scientific’s ASK ANGIE, a merged reality app that brings the company’s clinical experts into the cath lab. Hospitals get immediate assistance during a case and connect with experts in a merged reality environment no matter how simple or complex the procedure.

“Help Lightning has been a great partner in this, helping bring remote case support to our sales reps and hospitals in general, and people are loving it.”

Save Time, Increase Efficiencies for You and Your Customers

Help Lightning’s merged reality video streaming makes it easy for clinical experts to

provide instant remote care and increase efficiencies.

“Our clinical experts can be in a cath lab in the city and still support hospitals that are hours away. If they are locked out of a hospital due to COVID restrictions, they can remote in. It’s as if they are in-person in the hospital to support the case.”

High-Level Customer Care

Help Lightning makes it feel like the expert is in the room providing high-touch, hands-on care and support.

“Hospital staff think the merged reality is very effective when they call on their clinical experts. It’s a major value add when a clinical expert can literally reach into the field of view and provide guidance with non-verbal cues. When our reps get ASK ANGIE calls from a nurse or physician, they can switch over and see exactly what they are talking about, helping that person feel more supported during a case.”


Providing support for hospitals typically required Boston Scientific clinical experts to travel onsite, which was time consuming and sometimes resulted in delayed support.


Help Lightning enables Boston Scientific to provide dynamic remote support to hospitals via ASK ANGIE, helping hospitals receive the support they require quickly and efficiently.


  • Competitive Differentiator: Help Lightning places users at the forefront of merged reality innovations delivering a range of services to customers.
  • Efficiency Gains: Provide remote “hands-on” support, making it feel as if a clinical expert is always in the room.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: Help Lightning allows you to provide fast, expert-level support to customers, helping them maintain optimal operations.

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