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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: United Service Technologies

Help Lightning Enables United Service Technologies to Speed Up Their Training Process While Making Service Calls More Effective.

United Service Technologies (UST) COO and co-founder Rodger Smelcer initially chose Help Lightning to reduce new-hire training time. He and his team ultimately discovered it did that, along with improving operational efficiency overall.

Reduce New Hire Training Time

With an aging workforce starting to retire, UST required the ability to leverage the expertise of experienced employees so that they can more efficiently train incoming workers. Now with Help Lightning, UST has reduced new technicians training from 3 months to 6 weeks.

“Each Help Lightning session can be recorded. We are downloading these recordings, adding keywords to make them searchable, and using them to fill our learning management system. Providing this learning resource to our techs is incredibly helpful and allows us to scale what we are doing.“

Easy Knowledge Sharing

Using Help Lightning allows UST’s most experienced technicians to connect with and

teach new employees right from the field. No travel required.

“We use Help Lightning to bring the field into the classroom. Our new technicians are able to connect with the experienced technicians in the field and see what they are working on. They are seeing exactly what they are going to be doing in the field and getting to interact with the technician in the field.”

Work More Effectively

Smelcer quickly discovered that Help Lightning allowed his team to operate more

effectively in the field.

“We wanted to see if Help Lightning would make a difference on the first-time fix rate, and the answer is YES. In our trial, 14 out of 16 issues were resolved on the first call. Since then, it’s been about the same ratio with a whole lot more calls going on every day.”


An aging workforce resulted in a growing personnel problem and an inability to efficiently transfer knowledge and expertise to incoming new workers.


Help Lightning’s AR-enabled remote visual assistance technology allows United Service Technologies to cut training time by 50% while leveraging expertise of internal experts.


  • Reduce Training Time: Facilitate knowledge sharing and enable experienced employees to connect with internal experts for support from anywhere.
  • Leverage Expertise of Skilled Workers: Optimize your most experienced workers and enable them to more easily impart knowledge on newer employees.
  • Uplevel Your Team: Improve First Time Fix Rates, reduce duplicate issues and more.

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