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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: BUNN

Help Lightning’s AR-enabled remote support solution enables BUNN to turn field service into a profit center while improving the overall customer experience.

Tim Spencer SVP & GM of Service Operations, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation (BUNN) shares the ROI BUNN experiences using Help Lightning to optimize use of field technician time and elevate customer support.

Increase Profitability with Efficient Use of Technicians’ Hours

BUNN technicians could not bill for activities such as training, meetings, cleaning equipment, and doing inventory. Using Help Lightning, the company can be smarter with technician time to increase billable hours.

“We’re seeing reduced on-site time for our technicians, which has improved their ability to be better utilized and complete more work orders per day. All of that is helpful not only in building our top-line revenue but also in reducing our bottom-line costs.”

AR-Enabled Technology Supports Field Workers in Real Time

In a 2018 survey, technicians expressed a need for more mobile solutions, alongside easier knowledge base access, customer service history, live video support, and other types of training materials. Help Lightning allows BUNN to provide technicians with the tools they require for optimal use of their time and to help enhance their skill sets.

“When working on a specific piece of equipment, we can bring in an engineer from our engineering department. The engineer that literally built the equipment can get on a session and engage in a three-way conversation, bringing equipment up to operating condition and solving the customer’s issue faster.”

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Quick Resolution

Customer satisfaction increased as a direct result of using Help Lightning.

“Most of what we work on is equipment that generates revenue for our customers, so when it’s down, they’re not generating any revenue. The faster we get it up, the more work time they’ll have to generate revenue, and they become much happier.”


As a global manufacturer of dispensed beverage equipment, BUNN-O-Matic Corporation required a solution that optimizes field technician work hours.


Help Lightning allows field technicians to dedicate more time to high-value work, and also enables them receive dynamic real-time training and support while in the field.


  • Effective Use of Technicians’ Time: Technicians can work faster and smarter, minimizing downtime.
  • Better Technician Support in the Field: With Help Lightning’s AR-enabled video streaming, technicians can instantly engage expert help from the field.
  • ElevatedCustomerExperience: Customer issues are handled quickly and efficiently, allowing for minimal disruption to their businesses.

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