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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: Diversey

Cleaning technologies company Diversey relies on Help Lightning’s AR remote assistance tools to drive competitive value and overcome service barriers.

Industry leader of smart, sustainable technologies in cleaning and hygiene Diversey aims to provide its global customer base with service that supports operational readiness.

Andrew Martin, Marketing Technology Global Portfolio Manager at Diversey, explains how Help Lightning enables top tier service capabilities.

Establish Strong Customer Relationships

With Help Lightning, Diversey offers high touch support and faster resolution times. Diversey’s customers feel confident that someone is paying attention to their needs and will get problems solved quickly and effectively.

“When it comes to Help Lightning’s technology, it’s really about building a personal connection. It’s about two people working on a problem at the same time so the customer truly ‘gets it.’”

Help Lightning Delivers Time and Cost Savings

Diversey’s First Time Right (FTR) service policy assures that if onsite support is required, the correct technicians arrive with the right tools, which saves time for everyone.

With increasing Help Lightning adoption across Diversey, the company has experienced: 10% – 15% savings on truck rolls for service that would have been ‘no fault found’

15% – 20% increase in first-time fix rates

20% – 30% reduction in resolution times

Realtime Expert Availability

Diversey technicians report greater confidence in their ability to effectively support customers, even if they have little experience working with certain types of equipment. With Help Lightning, an expert is always ‘in the room’ with technicians who require some extra support. This also eliminates the need for costly off-site training.

Our technicians have the confidence to fix problems when they have a slew of veterans in their pocket. People have it, use it, and there is no learning curve. That’s what makes merged reality so incredible when adding merged reality with our technicians and tools, it’s like someone is right there with them.”


Diversey wanted to ensure reliable service for customers and prevent issues that could negatively impact their clients’ productivity.


Help Lightning enables Diversey to ensure technicians are positioned to optimize service visits and expand support, including overcoming language barriers for global customers.


  • Personalized customer connection: Quick resolution times and accessible remote support delivers quality care Diversey customers can count on.
  • Streamlined customer support: Remote AR assistance ensures fast and effective support saves time and reduces costs for Diversy and their customers.
  • Consistent expert availability: The right expert for the job is always available to be ‘in the room’ to support and guide colleagues and customers.

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