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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: Fresenius Medical Care North America

Help Lightning enables Fresenius equipment specialists to work remotely while continuing to deliver a superior customer experience.

Fresenius Medical Care North America equipment specialist Mark Gotschall believed his 35+ career was over after a medical issue made him unable to travel. Help Lightning enabled him and others in his company to support customers remotely, even when COVID-19 travel restrictions made onsite visits impossible.

Keep Specialists on Staff Even if They Cannot Travel

While Gotschall was unable to travel due to a health issue, his colleagues could not travel or visit customers due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Help Lightning allowed them to continue supporting customers from anywhere.

“I was working from home before using Help Lightning, but was unable to help my customers because I had no way to see what they were doing. Now I see things I couldn’t see over the phone. The experience is so real I feel like I am in the clinic.”

High Touch Remote Training for Customers

With merged reality video and the ability to incorporate tools and annotations within all users’ view, remote customer training is highly effective using Help Lightning.

“Help Lightning is a great training tool for new technicians. They tell me they get more from a 30-minute Help Lightning call than 30-minutes of in person class. I’m able to impart more information in a shorter period of time.”

Merged Reality Troubleshooting to Resolve Problems Fast

The ability to see and experience exactly what’s happening on the customer’s side of the screen enables fast and effective problem solving.

“Help Lightning makes it possible for me to feel as if I’m in the clinic with the machines. When there’s a problem, I experience how the machine is responding, and I can demonstrate exactly what to do. The technicians I work with are so excited by how easy it is to resolve problems with Help Lightning.”


Equipment specialist Mark Gotschall feared he’d have to retire when a medical issue made it impossible for him to travel.


Help Lightning allows specialists who cannot travel to be onsite with customers to provide customer support and training that’s as effective as in person.


  • Retain experienced employees: Specialists who’ve accumulated decades of experience can continue working, even if they no longer travel to customers.
  • Train customers faster: Tools to impart more knowledge sharing with customers so they get hands-on learning with expert oversight.
  • Effective troubleshooting: Merged reality allows you to see what your customer sees, and demonstrate exactly what they should do to resolve problems quickly.

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