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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: Unisys

Global digital services provider Unisys ensures an expert is always available to assist customers and engineers from anywhere in the world.

Technical Author, Trainer, and Enterprise Administrator Merged Reality for Unisys Darren Baker, explains why the global IT solutions provider uses Help Lightning to expand the availability of internal experts, elevate the knowledge of customer-facing engineers, and deliver high-touch customer care.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Support

As an IT company, Unisys is driven by customer success and customer interaction. The company leverages Help Lighting to ensure the best engineers are always available to assist customers.

“One of the issues we were having is that not everyone is a subject matter expert. We have a lot of brilliant people, but those brilliant people cannot be everywhere. We required a tool to bridge that gap. With Help Lightning, we are now able to put a specialist at the point of contact that a customer service agent needs to help move a customer forward.”

Optimize Engineer Training

Skills and knowledge gaps in engineers made it challenging for Unisys to meet First Time Fix Rate objectives. Help Lightning’s merged reality video collaboration connects experts with customer-facing engineers so they can increase knowledge while closing customer calls.

“Prior to Help Lightning, metrics for completing customer calls were fluctuating because the engineer didn’t have the skills, someone wasn’t available to support him, or the wrong part was diagnosed and we’d have to stop the call. Help Lightning fixed that problem. If an engineer has an issue, he can immediately call in a specialist to demonstrate what needs to be done. This on-the-job training means the next time he comes across the same issue he knows what to do.”

Leverage Knowledge of Subject Matter Experts

Help Lightning instantly places subject matter experts exactly where they are needed, from anywhere in the world. “The only limitation is our imagination on how we can use Help Lightning moving forward. Not everyone is an expert, but with Help Lightning everyone can be. It’s helping us move forward in a progressive, informative, and customer focused way.”


Unisys needed a solution to bridge the knowledge gap between highly skilled specialists and customer-facing engineers to attain higher quality and more effective customer care.


Help Lightning turns every engineer into an expert, allowing Unisys

to improve first time fix rates and increase every engineer’s knowledge base and technical skill level.


  • Elevated customer experience: Customer-facing engineers can assess customer issues remotely, virtually bring experts onsite, and efficiently resolve issues faster.
  • Uplevel engineer skill set: Merged reality tools make new skills and training more accessible for engineers to expand their knowledge base.
  • Expand expert availability: AR- enabled video collaboration allows for efficient knowledge transfer between internal experts and onsite engineers.

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