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5 Ways Technology Will Continue To Change The Role Of The Technician

As technology continues to evolve, the prospect of smarter machines is creating a paradigm of preventative, even predictive maintenance, making it so that something no longer has to break before a technician is deployed to fix it. Innovations such at the emergence of the internet-of-things, self-servicing machines, and stronger remote diagnostic and support tools in the hand of technicians will continue to sculpt their role. While there can be a wide variance in terms of responsibilities for the technician depending on their industries, some trends enabled by emerging technology are bound to become near ubiquitous going into the future.

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Always A Mobile Society

We are always on the move - either for business or for leisure. Both domestic and international travel are part of most American’s routines. The U.S. Travel Association reported a total of 2.1 billion domestic trips in 2014. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI), U.S. citizen travel to international regions amounted to more than 68 million in 2014. This doesn’t mean that we stop working or communicating with our coworkers, friends, and family while we are on the move. In today’s world, it is the exact opposite. How many airplane passengers do you usually see working on their laptops, iPads and other devices? Probably a lot. Being able to communicate on-the-go, even while traveling internationally, shows our society’s transition into a fully mobile society.

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Personalization is Essential to Both the Online and Offline Worlds

Customers tend to respond positively when addressed by name and when their personal preferences are remembered. Think of regular coffee drinkers who visit coffee shops on a daily basis. These customers will be more likely to return to coffee shops where staff remembers their name and the way they like their coffee. In the physical world, personalization of services matters. The same rule applies to online world as well.

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Psychology of Communication

The era of scarcity in the world has disappeared. Nowadays, everyone expects to have their needs met quickly, easily and with little wait. This psychology has translated to the ways in which society communicates. If a communication channel does not provide the highest value and efficiency, people are not going to use it. The more features a channel offers, the more likely consumers are to utilize it.

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Augmented Reality (Help Lightning) in Education

Since the discovery of Help Lightning by a group of teachers in the state of Texas, they have become some of our biggest advocates. These educators have helped us understand the importance of new and improved educational technology, and introduced us to a large group of teachers who are thirsty for better ways to enhance the learning environments in their classrooms. 

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Why Traveling for Business Isn't Necessary (Anymore)

Travel is a necessity for a large portion of jobs in corporate America. In 2014 there were an estimated 451.6 million business trips taken in the U.S. alone. The number rises for 2015 at a forecasted 459.2 million business trips that will take place this year. For those of you who have to travel for your job, whether it is for business meetings, for relationship building purposes, or field technicians who are sent solely for troubleshooting- do you wish you were not having to travel, or at least as much as you currently do?

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The Growing Demand for Wearables

Smart watches, glasses and fitness bands accumulated approximately $3 billion in sales at the close of 2014. The popularity of wearables is continuously growing, and we are going to see more companies join the stampede and bring new devices to the market.

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Growing Your Help Lightning Network

The single most important feature to Help Lightning is the ability to create a network. We created Help Lightning to connect friends, family, colleagues...and maybe people who are meeting for the first time.

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