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Food & Beverage Equipment

Keep Operations Running Smoothly, Maintain Happy Customers

Food & Beverage Equipment

Keep Operations Running Smoothly, Maintain Happy Customers

Companies in the food and
beverage equipment industry across
the globe rely on Help Lightning.







Reduce Operational Costs

From efficient training and onboarding to avoiding unnecessary travel, reduce costs with a remote first approach.

Increase First Time
Fix Rate

Understand the issue in advance, send the right parts, and ensure the right expertise is applied to the problem and avoid a second trip.

Improve Equipment Uptime

Whether you are supporting equipment in offices, hospitals or factories, uptime is critical to keep operations running smoothly.

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Help Lightning Platform

See how our AR-enabled technology provides everyday value to you and your customers.

Food & Beverage Equipment Use Cases

Use Case: Equipment Installation

Equipment installation is typically dependent on the installation engineer’s availability. Getting engineers on site is costly and time consuming.

Remote virtual assistance software enables engineers to use their expertise virtually guide customers through the installation process. They can provide accurate directions, and call in additional experts as needed.

Support is available in real time, helping to ensure equipment is properly installed. This is true even if the person doing the hands-on work is not familiar with the installation process.

Use Case: Supplier Qualification

Are your vendors able to supply consistent quality of materials, components and services in compliance with regulatory requirements? To confirm, this requires extensive review and audits to help your business mitigate risk.

Remote virtual assistance technology makes it possible to virtually evaluate suppliers and vendors against your company’s quality requirements. Additionally, this technology facilitates continued audits to ensure standards are being maintained.

You can review supplier manufacturing, production, technological capabilities and all other standards in real time. And measure this against your company’s own requirements to monitor for regulatory compliance.

Use Case: Field Technician Support

Field service personnel often arrive at a job site only to discover they require additional support. They may not have the knowledge and experience needed to handle the given task. Or they didn’t have enough information prior to the visit that would have allowed them to arrive better prepared.

Sending additional support to the job can be costly. And makes it important that technicians arrive onsite prepared to fix the problem the first time.

With remote visual assistance technology, field technicians receive real time support. This is without having to physically send more (or any) people to the job. Colleagues are able to merge video streams, allowing the onsite technician to see what needs to be done. This helps resolve the issue as if they were working together side-by-side.


What Our Customers
Are Saying

We use Help Lightning to bring the field into the classroom. Our new technicians are able to connect with the experienced technicians in the field and see what they are working on.

Helping Food & Beverage Equipment Customers

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Food & Beverage Equipment

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