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Field Service

Maintenance And Repair
For Complex Equipment

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Field service teams across the globe rely on Help Lightning to support and train technicians. Across all industries we serve, over 200 companies and 60,000 users across 90 countries rely upon Help Lightning to effectively collaborate, solve problems and maintain their critical equipment uptime.

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Improve First Time Fix Rates

Understand the issue in advance, send the right parts, and ensure the right expertise is applied to the problem and avoid a second trip.

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Improve Equipment Uptime

Whether you are supporting equipment in offices, hospitals or factories, uptime is critical to keep operations running smoothly.

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Reduce Truck Rolls

Determine in advance if a dispatch is required or, ideally, eliminate the expense through the use of a remote-first solution. 

Field Service Use Cases

Our AR-enabled, remote assistance software supports a wide variety of field service use cases.


Field Service Technician Support

The Problem: Field service personnel often arrive at a job site only to discover they require additional support. They may not have the knowledge and experience needed to handle the given task. Or they didn’t have enough information prior to the visit that would have allowed them to arrive better prepared.

Sending additional support to the job can be costly. And makes it important that technicians arrive onsite prepared to fix the problem the first time.

With remote visual assistance technology, field technicians receive real time support. This is without having to physically send more (or any) people to the job. Colleagues are able to merge video streams, allowing the onsite technician to see what needs to be done. This helps resolve the issue as if they were working together side-by-side.

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Field Service Collaboration

The Problem: Effective field service collaboration requires strong communication. Poor communication leads to inefficient workflows and frustration for employees and clients alike.

Remote visual assistance technology facilitates real time communication. This allows teams to share a real time view of what’s happening no matter where they are.

This greatly reduces miscommunication and improves efficiency by allowing team members to collaborate with one another. It also helps them stay informed, and help with job site issues whether they are physically there or not.

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Technician Onboarding & Training

The Problem: The most effective way for technicians to learn their jobs is to apprentice with an experienced colleague. Unfortunately, training capabilities of many companies have been stretched thin in recent years. This is due to a substantial number of skilled tradesmen and technicians retiring.

Remote visual assistance technology allows mentors and trainees to merge their environments, meaning that training can happen from anywhere. This ensures that a skilled employee can be virtually present to guide new technicians on critical skills.

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Industrial Equipment Support

The Problem: Industrial equipment suppliers spend a lot of time and money sending technicians on service calls. Whether it’s an industrial freezer or a printer, companies usually do not have specialists onsite. So who’s there to help when something goes wrong?

Remote visual assistance software allows industrial equipment customers to call in help in real time. Using merged video sharing, a specialist can be available to virtually walk customers through exactly what needs to be done. This can resolve the problem and provide very specific troubleshooting instructions.

In cases where a technician is necessary onsite, they will arrive prepared with a complete understanding of the problem. They will also be ready with the right parts and tools to fix equipment quickly.

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Case Studies

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

“When it comes to Help Lightning’s technology, it’s really about building a personal connection. It’s about two people working on a problem at the same time so the customer truly ‘gets it.’”

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