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Hands-Free AR-Enabled Tech For Field Technicians is Improving Safety and Efficiency

November 16, 2022

When mobile-first technologies became ubiquitous on jobsites, they changed how field technicians operated. There was no longer the need to travel to multiple sites, go back to the main office to complete work and get answers to questions, or even go back and forth to the jobsite office trailer. The ability to call for support, access data, share images, run reports, and collaborate from anywhere streamlined operations, while saving time and money. 

But then a new pain point emerged. What happens when a field technician needs onsite support, but also needs both hands to perform a given job as they are receiving instruction? And how does an offsite expert accurately demonstrate how to resolve a problem or perform a function via video?

Help Lightning answers these problems and more. We recently announced our partnership with Six15 Technologies, a company dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing head-up displays (HUDs) for users operating in demanding environments. Together, we launched the world’s first industrial plug-and-play head-up augmented reality (AR) remote assistance solution for field technicians.

Remote Visual Assistance for Onsite Field Support

Help Lightning’s AR-enabled Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) software goes beyond a 2D video call. RVA ensures people on both sides of the screen can see and engage with each other’s view. This is “hands-in” technology, translating to users who can reach into each other’s screens to demonstrate exactly how to perform a given task, no matter how complex. Users can also incorporate tools, freeze screens, and make on-screen annotations.

RVA technology ensures onsite technicians get the support they need without having to send additional experts to the site. Technicians are better equipped to provide and receive support with the ability to get as granular as needed, even if they are miles away from the field. The experience mimics side-by-side collaboration, as users can engage as if they were in the same room. It also helps improve First Time Fix Rates (FTFR) and the overall customer experience by ensuring techs get real-time support and can complete jobs and resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

AR-Enabled, Hands-Free Remote Support 

AR-enabled HUD uplevels field technician support, increasing the ability to work faster, and most importantly, safer. When a field technician calls in for support from someone who is not onsite, they no longer have to rely on holding a mobile device in position or awkwardly seeking a spot to prop their device so they can simultaneously work and receive instruction. 

Field equipment can be complex, and whether it’s a repair, installation, or quality check, technicians can operate more efficiently when they can use both hands. AR-enabled hands-free technology provides an immersive experience that allows collaboration to feel as if it’s happening side-by-side, without having to worry about handling any type of hand-held screen for display. 

Help Lightning partnered with Six15 Technologies to develop ST1-RA, a plug-and-play capability enabling field technicians to add hands-free AR remote assistance to their existing Android smart devices. The ST1-RA has a built-in camera, with the remote product support expert seeing exactly what the technicians sees in real-time. Both sides of the screen can engage with the field of view. The expert can guide the technician through the issue, and the technician maintains use of both hands.

Remote Collaboration for Safer, Faster Workflows

With hands-free AR-enabled support, technicians get a tool that aligns with their workflow – not against it – by mimicking an in-person experience. This includes training, troubleshooting, maintenance, and any other type of support required. Technicians and experts can talk, collaborate, and engage with other technicians while completing their work in a manner that’s fast, efficient, and safe. ST1-RA HUD together with Help Lightning’s remote assist platform ensures field technicians can work exactly how they need and want to.

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