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Rock Star Employee: 5 Ways Remote Visual Guidance Makes You One

February 13, 2024

The importance of good customer service can’t be overstated, no matter what industry you’re in. If you offer a great product, customers will come through your doors once. But if you help people with your product after they’ve bought it, they might just become customers for life.  

One of the newest and most significant advancements in customer service is remote visual guidance software. With this software, you can help people anywhere in the world troubleshoot and work through problems with your products.

If you’re looking for the best remote support software, look no further than Help Lightning! With our next-generation video collaboration tools, your company’s experts can work side-by-side with anyone anywhere in the world. We use augmented reality for maintenance and repair, including merging video streams and 3D annotation.

Here are five ways Help Lightning’s remote visual guidance software can help you elevate your customer services to new levels:

1. Transport Yourself Anywhere

Powerful remote customer support is becoming a necessity in today’s marketplace. With Help Lightning’s AR-enabled merged reality, customers from all over the world can reach out for assistance and you can provide it in just seconds from wherever you are! That means your clients experience less downtime and you don’t spend as much of your precious time travelling to them. That frees up time for you to help more clients or focus on other important tasks.

2. Be the Advisor

Aside from providing customer service, Help Lightning’s remote visual guidance software can also help you mentor and instruct your co-workers so they can learn about new products and techniques. Our collaboration tools for remote teams let you invite colleagues to join customer service calls with your clients so they can watch, learn, interact and contribute ideas. The more people on your staff who can act as a remote customer support agent, the more satisfied clients you’ll have.

3. Make Your Customer Smile

Happy customers are the backbone of a successful business, so being able to provide augmented reality field service deepens these relationships. After all, word of mouth is still one of the most effective advertising methods out there! Being able to interact with clients with the click of a mouse or a tap on a phone will build your customers’ confidence in your ability to solve their problems to an all-time high — no more wait time!

4. Remove the Language Barrier

Another huge benefit of Help Lightning’s remote visual guidance is the ability to communicate when you and your client don’t speak the same language. With merged video streams, you can use your hands to get your message across and demonstrate solutions in real time. This can drastically cut down on frustration stemming from not being able to understand what your clients are saying or them not understanding you.

5. Be Home for Dinner!

Happier customers mean happier customer service agents! The ability to provide augmented reality field service remotely means less time spent travelling between your office and your clients, which translates into better time management and a more predictable schedule for your customer service representatives. This all contributes to greater job satisfaction and a better work-life balance for all your employees!

At Help Lightning, we want to give you the tools you need to take your customer service to new heights! Our remote visual guidance software can merge two video streams into one interactive help session so you can be anywhere, instantly. To see how Help Lightning works, schedule your free demonstration TODAY!

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