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Solutions Overview

AR-Enabled Remote Assistance

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Over 200 companies and 60,000 users across 90 countries rely upon Help Lightning to effectively collaborate, solve problems and maintain their critical equipment uptime.

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Enterprise Ready

Help Lightning is built to support large enterprise organizations. This includes world class privacy and security infrastructure, in depth administration capabilities, high scalability and deep experience with large implementations.

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Easy To Use And Deploy

Our remote assistance software can be ready and available for enterprise use within 24 hours. With a strong data and technology infrastructure, Help Lightning provides a clear path to adoption and value for administrators.

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Highly Configurable

Help Lightning can be configured to support a wide variety of use environments including Field Service, Call or Contact Center and Manufacturing. Using our API and SDK, customers have many options to deliver value for their staff and customers.

AR-Enabled Collaboration Tools

Our AR-enabled, remote assistance software includes a depth of features that are unmatched by other vendors.

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In-Call Features

AR-Enabled Collaboration Tools

  • Help Lightning offers proven software specializing in remote assistance.
  • This includes video collaboration services that enable a company’s experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world.
  • Our cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features, including the merging of two video streams and the use of 3D annotation to improve real-time communications and solve difficult problems.

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Pre-Call Features

Easy To Use Call Invites

  • At Help Lightning, we go out of our way to reduce friction in the way customers use and benefit from our technology
  • Use of our solution is browser-based to allow anyone to receive help with no app required for download. A video call can be started by clicking on an existing contact or an invite link can be sent in real time via text or email.
  • You can also initiate a call from a QR code placed on or near a piece of equipment – easy!

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Post-Call Features

Call Rating, Tagging & Tracking

  • Administrators and users alike will benefit from the many built in methods to understand call quality and the topics discussed during a conversation.
  • At the end of each call, users are provided the opportunity to rate each call from 1 to 5 and tag the call with keywords that can be used to search for related calls in history.
  • All Help Lightning calls can be recorded at the beginning or during a call. Also, any photos or annotations can also be captured and saved.

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Admin Features

Site Setup & Customization

  • As an admin supporting your team or someone leading an expert group within a workspace, you have a wide variety of settings you can adjust based on your needs.
  • These settings include many for before a call begins, during a call and general administrative settings. These can include enabling features like call recording or the use of a disclaimer as well as how long you want to retain call logs and recordings.
  • Creating your customized settings is easy and painless!

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Security & Privacy Features

Secure & Enterprise Ready

  • Help Lightning is readily compliant with all security and privacy including GDPR, HIPAA and more.
  • You can also adjust settings to support your use of the software within and, as needed, across geographies where standards may be different.
  • With many large, enterprise customers operating globally, we are fully ready to support your needs using the most secure methods available.

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Where We Focus

Our AR-enabled, remote assistance software is widely used in many environments. The most common include field service, manufacturing and call centers.

Whether supporting junior engineers, remote customers or 3rd party technicians, Help Lightning provides real-time collaboration, training and problem solving when working on complex equipment.

We offer real value in manufacturing, especially relating to a number of critical use cases. These include equipment inspections, factory acceptance testing, safety audits and equipment installation.

We help call center agents solve problems in less time through their ability to escalate an issue to using video collaboration, allowing the agent to see the issue and troubleshoot in real time.

How We Fit Into Your Process

We recognize the importance of integrating with or supporting the systems already in place within your organization. View our growing list of solution, technology and service partners.

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