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Improve Safety, Problem
Resolution, And
Operational Efficiency

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Manufacturing leaders across the globe rely on Help Lightning to support and train technicians. Across all industries we serve, over 200 companies and 60,000 users across 90 countries rely upon Help Lightning to effectively collaborate, solve problems and maintain their critical equipment uptime.

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Improve Equipment Uptime

Whether you are supporting equipment in offices, hospitals or factories, uptime is critical to keep operations running smoothly.

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Reduce Resolution Time

Waiting for a technician to arrive onsite can take days instead of hours. Resolve problems faster with a remote-first solution. 

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Use of a proven technology to reduce costs and solve problems quickly helps reduce friction with important customers.

Manufacturing Use Cases

Our AR-enabled, remote assistance software supports a wide variety of manufacturing use cases.


Factory Equipment Installation

The Problem: Equipment installation is typically dependent on the installation engineer’s availability. Getting engineers on site is costly and time consuming.

Remote virtual assistance software enables engineers to use their expertise virtually guide customers through the installation process. They can provide accurate directions, and call in additional experts as needed.

Support is available in real time, helping to ensure equipment is properly installed. This is true even if the person doing the hands-on work is not familiar with the installation process.

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Safety Audits

The Problem: Safety is a top priority for companies. But consistent safety audits are challenging and costly when specialists and auditors are required to be onsite.

Timely audits are essential for workplace safety. They are also required to maintain compliance with laws and regulations. Additionally, a complete audit is often needed to obtain permits, and is sometimes required to contract jobs.

Remote visual assistance software allows you to conduct thorough safety audits. You can easily maintain standards for machinery, job sites, technician safety compliance and much more. All at a fraction of the time and cost of in-person audits.

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Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

The Problem: Factory acceptance tests (FAT) typically occur at the vendor’s facility. This can result in start up delays if everyone required on the customer’s team cannot be available for onsite testing.

Additionally, time and manual labor required for effective FATs can be costly to the manufacturer. Especially if they do not meet customer criteria and require additional time and manual labor.

An ability to conduct factory acceptance tests with the help of remote visual assistance software benefits both the manufacturer and customer.

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Production Line Optimization

The Problem: There are many variables involved in line optimization. In fact, one faulty section could have negative repercussions on the rest of the line.

Remote virtual assistance software offers the ability for research and development engineers to support factory engineers. And they can do this in real time, from any location.

They can review production line first batches, and help fine tune for full production. The line can be effectively audited to ensure optimal functionality for the given operation.

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Case Studies

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

“If we get a call after hours and a Help Lightning session can help, on-call technicians can provide support from home with their smartphones. Our technicians love that availability, whether they’re on-call or in the field.”



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