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Distribution & Logistics

Supporting the Flow and Supply of Critical Goods

Distribution & Logistics

Supporting the Flow and Supply of Critical Goods

Companies in the distribution
and logistics industry across
the globe rely on Help Lightning.







Reduce Operational Costs

From efficient training and onboarding to avoiding unnecessary travel, reduce costs with a remote first approach.

Improve Equipment Uptime

Whether you are supporting equipment in offices, hospitals or factories, uptime is critical to keep operations running smoothly.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Use of a proven technology to reduce costs and solve problems quickly helps reduce friction with important customers.

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Distribution & Logistics Use Cases

Use Case: Equipment Inspections

Regular equipment inspection and review is critical for efficient operations, longevity of equipment, and most importantly, job safety. Easy access to thorough equipment inspections and reviews increases likelihood of catching problems before they escalate.

Remote visual assistance software merges two video streams, that of an expert and an onsite tech. This allows you to perform comprehensive equipment inspections and reviews in real time. This is true whether they are happening a block away, or on another continent.

Use Case: Safety Audits

Safety is a top priority for companies. But consistent safety audits are challenging and costly when specialists and auditors are required to be onsite. Timely audits are essential for workplace safety. They are also required to maintain compliance with laws and regulations. Additionally, a complete audit is often needed to obtain permits, and is sometimes required to contract jobs.

Remote visual assistance software allows you to conduct thorough safety audits. You can easily maintain standards for machinery, job sites, technician safety compliance and much more. All at a fraction of the time and cost of in-person audits.

Auditors and safety specialists have the ability to use merged video screens for complete control over inspections from anywhere. They can easily point out areas that are not in compliance or at risk for future problems.

Use Case: Equipment Installation

With a global labor shortage, equipment installations face increasing risks related to safety, project timelines, and operational reliability. It can be challenging to keep project schedules on time. And it is costly to send field crews onsite for installations.

This type of remote guidance software enables fast and effective factory installation. It provides complete access for specialists without requiring them to be physically onsite. Instead, they provide coordinated instructions and training for all onsite installation including mechanical and electrical.

The technology allows for comprehensive real time safety reviews and testing. It also supports virtual documentation to ensure proper installation and maintenance.


What Our Customers
Are Saying

Siemens Healthineers has successfully rolled out Help Lightning’s remote expertise solution to more than 2,000 agents in 25 countries. From signing the first contract to the final handoff to their service operations teams, the rollout has taken just ten months.

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Distribution & Logistics

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