• Next Generation Video Collaboration Services

    Enabling experts to virtually work side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world

The Leader In Remote Visual Assistance

With Help Lightning, customers are enhancing service revenue, extending workforce capacity and achieving immediate performance improvements including:

  • 35% increase in first-time fix rates
  • 30% reduction in time to resolution
  • 20% improvement in phone fix rate
  • 30% increase in end customer satisfaction

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AR-Enabled To Solve Complex Problems

Our cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features, including the merging of two video streams and the use of 3D annotation to improve real-time communications and solve difficult problems.

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  • augmented reality features
  • remote visual assistance
  • From Service Center to Profit Center
  • next generation video collaboration services

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From Service Center to Profit Center

Field service organizations need to transform their service centers into profit centers but struggle with:

  • Fixing issues on the first call
  • Minimizing truck rolls
  • Extending the capacity of your workforce
  • Measuring field service performance

Due to the above, costs escalate, and customer satisfaction suffers, jeopardizing revenue and profitability.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We chose to pursue a partnership with Help Lightning because of true ease of use.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

It takes 5 minutes to train my internal folks… and just as quick for our customers to pick up the immediate inherent value.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

We are really excited about introducing this technology into the way we work with our customers every day.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

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