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Remote Visual Guidance vs. Standard Video Apps

April 25, 2024
remote visual guidance

With the increased availability of hi-speed mobile data and communication speed, video calling platforms have become deeply embedded in our daily lives. We utilize platforms such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, and various messaging apps to communicate with friends and family.  Dedicated corporate video conferencing tools such as MS-Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet are employed for business communication. All of these tools are primarily designed for either personal use or an office environment, however, neither address the needs of technical remote collaboration. 

Video Calling Gaps

Video Calling platforms do not meet the needs of technical collaboration in field services or industrial settings. These use-cases present several challenges and requirements, which often include:

  • Providing experts the ability not only to watch live video but also to visually interact with a remote user and show them what to do
  • Overcoming low bandwidth at industrial sites, remote locations, and rural areas
  • Easily connect with a one-time user without requiring the installation of an application or the provision of credentials
  • Implementing inspection and audit processes and collecting visual evidences (pictures, videos)
  • Capturing and curating tacit knowledge through technical collaborative interactions
  • Integrating with the current work flow for call centers and telephony systems
  • Integrating with other enterprise solutions (e.g., Salesforce, ServiceNow, IFS)  or customer portals
  • Ability to monitor system usage and collect business KPIs for analytics

Remote Visual Guidance Solution

Help Lightning has been designed for industrial and field service applications with all the above requirements in mind. The Help Lightning solution extends beyond a mere video call and addresses various business aspects of service organizations to streamline support processes and to create competitive advantages for business customers.

Help Lightning’s enterprise solution consists of three integrated components operating on a secure AWS cloud infrastructure:

  • Remote Visual Guidance: Interactive visual collaboration tools between support engineers, remote users, customer, and external SMEs with a focus on quick resolution of technical issues
  • Interactive Auto-Guides: Interactive procedures and checklists for implementing inspections, audits, and equipment maintenance processes
  • Quick Knowledge: Curated image libraries for sharing images of tools, spare parts, and instruments for helping resolve technical problems, as well as captured videos and legacy materials

The table below compares the Help Lightning solution with general purpose video applications: 

Requirements HLGeneral app
Merged Reality, Augmented Reality, and on-screen annotations provide visual guidance and enable fast resolution of technical issuesYes No
Supports low-bandwidth communication, allowing annotation on sharable photos when video transmission is unavailable  YesNo
Video overlay images to display spare parts, tools, and instruments for remote guidance and fast resolutionYesNo
Integrates screen sharing and quick sharing of documents, pictures, and drawings, all with annotation featuresYesPartially
Captures evidence (pictures and videos), including Hi-res images, and organizes them within the support session for future referenceYesPartially 
Enables inviting one-time users (remote experts or customers) without requiring app installation or credentialsYesPartially
Classifies and identifies each support interaction for business analytics purposesYes No
Integrated business analytics tools to monitor business values and KPIsYes No 
All data and history about support interactions are systemized, documented and stored in the system for reportingYes No
Authoring tools for implementing remote inspections, audits, and maintenance processes. Integration with work orders.Yes No 
APIs, SDK and Smart Links (No Code) for integration with other solutions and customer portals YesPartially
Secure and safe connection; SOC2 and GDPR certified; HIPPA compliant YesPartially or No

Transformation Success

Beyond the technical capabilities, Help Lightning offers a comprehensive program called Mercury to ensure success in transforming organizations and achieving the business goals and objectives of our customers. Mercury combines methodology and professional services to guide our customers through the entire implementation process: from initial rollout and deployment to scaling up. This program is included in our Enterprise License and offers services such as:

  • Business Value Assessment
  • Change management
  • Training and implementation support 
  • Business analytics dashboard
  • Engineering support for APIs integration with other systems
  • Transformation services 

Help Lightning is designed to meet the technical and safety standards required by today’s service organizations. Using this remote visual guidance solution allows for organizations to deliver a consistently high quality of service to their customers and field techs. 

To learn more about how you can transform the way service is delivered and supply an effortless solution to your customers and technicians, contact Help Lightning today.

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