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Making Business Easier With Enterprise Collaboration Tools

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As companies grow, they quickly run into the problem of how to collaborate more efficiently. Entire departments might be dedicated to solving this problem. Especially in companies with teams in different locations or virtual work environments, choosing tools for simple and effective collaboration can be a monumental effort.

But there is hope! Evolving technology has resulted in ways to work together in an instant, no matter how far apart team members are. Enterprise collaboration tools make it easier for teams to call on each other as needed and solve problems together. This ability is key to maximizing efficiency, which translates to happier employees and a smoother overall operation.

The term augmented reality, or AR, has been thrown around a lot in tech circles in recently. AR broadly refers to an interactive experience between software and the real world. For example, some furniture retailers use it to let you move your camera around an empty room and see how their pieces would work with your living space and current décor.

AR has been popular in games and is becoming a mainstay of the virtual experience. But AR isn’t just for play; it’s also for work. AR can be leveraged for business purposes in remote visual guidance (RVA) software and serve as one of your business’s key enterprise collaboration tools.

Solving the Problem of Distance

The best enterprise remote support software is designed to make virtual collaboration is just as effective as in-person collaboration, if not more so. To work together, both users simply need to have access to a portable screen, like a tablet. Each user can connect to a video stream showing the other person and their surroundings. The real-time streams are merged and the collaborators can use visual cues to give suggestions to each other.

While some teams using cross functional collaboration might not benefit from RVA software, the vast majority of teams would. The upsides are enormous, especially when dealing with complex devices or manufacturing processes. One of the many augmented reality examples deals with fixing or troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment. The people who normally interact with that equipment can call for help the instant something goes wrong, whether a technician is in the area or not. Instead of waiting for the technician to show up and delaying work until a solution is found, the problem can be fixed quickly and effectively with a video call to the technician.

One of the key features of augmented reality is its ability to transform international collaboration when employees are based in different locations. Flying experts around the world can be expensive, exhausting and a huge drain on time and resources. Instead, through augmented reality remote guidance, collaborators can stay where they normally work and set up a virtual meeting. Techniques and protocols can be explained in real time, especially those that are hard to describe in writing or over the phone. Employees are much happier when they don’t have to disrupt their schedules and travel long distances for small tasks. Problems get solved without the expense or stress of international travel.

Get the Help You Need When You Need It

Even employees in the same country or state will appreciate having remote guidance software in their toolbox. Experts might leave the office to resolve a customer issue, then discover they need extra help. With RVA software, they don’t have to wait for another team member to arrive. They can get help using a tablet and collaborate with colleagues on the problem as if they were there together. 

Enterprise collaboration tools need to be cost-effective, simple to implement and beneficial to employees across the company. Powered by AR, RVA software checks all these boxes. Enterprise wide software resolves the challenges inherent to our increasingly virtual workspaces. And it meets the demands of both large and small companies, bringing together people in different locations to find collaborative solutions to modern problems. No matter its size, there are remote guidance software use cases that apply to your company. You can also download a free remote guidance use cases guide to see how RVA software can help your employees serve customers better.

Remote guidance software is always on standby for teams that need to respond quickly to emerging problems. It can also become one of your most important enterprise collaboration tools, ensuring that teams can communicate and resolve issues without worrying about where their busy schedules take them throughout the day. Help Lightning works with companies of all sizes to implement RVA software and helps teams smoothly transition into working with AR. Find out how this technology can improve collaboration in your company by requesting a free demo today!

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