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Technology Spotlight: Mobile Merged Reality

We look at what Help Lightning are terming Mobile Merged Reality, an innovative mobile solution goes beyond augmented reality (AR) to redefine the future of help…

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Help Lightning Strikes! Experience Mobile Merged Reality and Virtual Presence

Transformational Service Tool Arrives in the App Stores

Help Lightning Solution
Help Lightning Solution

BIRMINGHAM, AL., Feb 17, 2016 — Help Lightning, Inc. wants to transform the service industry with mobile, patented technology that allows users needing or giving help to be virtually present with one another on any smartphone or tablet. The Help Lightning mobile merged reality and virtual presence app digitally merges two real-time environments, blending local and remote video streams for instant, interactive help sessions. Merged reality means two individuals on opposite sides of the earth combine their “real” worlds and transmit their actual hands to visibly gesture, show real objects, illustrate ideas and demonstrate using actual products or tools versus the inherent limitations of virtual reality or one-way augmented reality.

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The 20 most influential people in field service

Dr. Bart Guthrie, a UAB Neurosurgeon and Help Lightning co-founder Makes the Top 20 Most Influential People in Field Service.

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Southern Comfort for US field service professionals – Field Service Fall review

...And in fact the absolute star turn of the three days was provided by Augmented Reality solution Help Lightning. Developed in part by neurosurgeon Bart Guthrie, Help Lightning uses augmented reality to deliver remote guidance. The impact for field service of augmented reality is massive, potentially slashing a phenomenal amount of outgoing costs by allowing experienced engineers to guide local onsite engineers on how to make a fix themselves, instead of having to get the experienced engineer onsite.

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Google Glass surgeon's new best friend? What one surgeon is saying about tech

It's hard to think of a way we live that Google hasn't touched. And now, you can add surgery to the list. It all starts with Google Glass, which lets an expert lend a helping hand in the operating room, even when he or she is in another state. At the University of Alabama-Birmingham, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brent Ponce, prepared for a shoulder replacement. Behind his face shield he wore Google Glass -- the wearable computer. Its built-in camera streamed live video of the procedure to another surgeon 150 miles away in Atlanta, where Dr. Phani Dantuluri not only watched the surgery, but offered a virtual hand.

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