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Help Lightning Success Stories

Success Story: RJ Young

Office technology solution provider RJ Young uses Help Lightning to deliver superior customer care to businesses throughout the Southeast.

Harry Merten is the technical services supervisor for RJ Young, an office technology solution provider serving businesses throughout the Southeast. He shares how Help Lightning enables technicians to respond to customer care needs in real-time while saving on travel and labor costs.

Precise Support for Customer Care

Help Lightning’s 3D merged reality makes it possible to see what your customer sees, and then demonstrate exact steps for training, installations, and problem-solving.

“One of our technicians was configuring a wireless travel router for a customer and needed a second set of eyes. Through Help Lightning I was able to observe his steps, verify the programmed settings, and make the necessary corrections as we went through the process together. The tech was able to get immediate assistance from another tech and learn from the experience, and we were able to get the customer’s machine online quickly.”

Quick, Efficient Support for Customers

Help Lightning makes real-time service responses possible, allowing your customers to get problems solved and move on with business.

“A supermarket customer had a power outage after a storm and needed their only machine up and printing as soon as possible. Using merge reality, I was able to walk them through the process of properly cycling the wireless router and ensuring that the machine was on the proper network. The feature of freezing the frame allowed me to zoom in, verify the information, and annotate what needed to be selected by the customer.”

Save on Travel and Labor Costs

Remote care that’s as effective as in-person care allows your company to spend less on technician travel time and saves your customer the cost of labor.

“A customer was unfamiliar with the correct usage and configuration for one of her machines. We conducted a Help Lightning call so that I could immediately assist her. I was able to save 2-hours of travel time and 1-hour of labor time in a matter of minutes.”


In-person customer support was costly and time-consuming, and not always the best use of RJ Young’s technicians or customer’s time.


Help Lightning enables RJ Young to immediately respond to customer service requests, while saving on travel and labor costs.


  • Granular Customer Support: Merged reality allows you to see exactly what your customer sees for precise training and guidance.
  • Deliver quick solutions: Real-time response and quick resolution for customer service requests.
  • Reduce travel and labor costs: Remote visual assistance allows you to provide service and support without needing to be onsite.

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