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Facilitating Effective Self-Service and Superior CX through Remote Visual Assistance

Is Your Organization Ready to Provide Self-Service for Your Customers and Field Technicians?

The need to fulfill customer demands for rapid response and quick resolution are the leading reasons many companies have implemented Self-Service models. Fortunately, consumers in various industry sectors have become more savvy, self-reliant, and competent to initiate and resolve service requests independently or through guidance and assistance from a remote expert. To some extent, a more competent and more engaged customer base has made Self-Service a viable option.

Customer Self-Service models are going to increase in the months ahead. According to a research report from Salesforce, 60% of businesses expect to implement self-service portals within the next 12-18 months. Yet, a study by Zendesk indicates that only 20% of companies offered self-service capabilities in 2019.

Is your organization ready to provide Self-Service for your customers and field technicians?

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