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Right to Repair Guide

A Guide on Leveraging Augmented Reality to Comply wIth Regulations and Create New Revenue Streams

Help Lightning Editorial Team

The Right to Repair controversy touches nearly every industry, including automotive, technology, medical, industrial equipment, and consumer lifestyle projects.

Our objective with this guide is to provide clarity around what right to repair is and why it can be problematic for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Beyond that, we will demonstrate how OEMs can ultimately leverage right to repair to achieve key business objectives while providing a high quality customer experience.

This Right to Repair Guide includes:

  • The Current State of Right to Repair
  • Legislation on Right to Repair
  • The Problem with Right to Repair for Manufacturers
  • Help Lightning Right to Repair Compliance
  • Empower Your Customers
  • Leverage Right to Repair to Generate New Revenue Streams

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