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What Happens When You Make Remote Visual Assistance Central to How Your Company Functions?

The high-level value proposition of Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) is essentially this: Dynamically connect people and teams remotely by leveraging AR-enabled merged reality so they can work together via a shared video stream. Both sides of the screen engage with each other’s environment as if they were in the same room together.

Sounds perfect for any type of field service, doesn’t it? You can connect engineers and technicians who are working onsite with experts from anywhere in the world. Using RVA, even the most complex installations, repairs, and safety audits can be performed faster and more efficiently with virtual “hands-on” assistance when and where it’s needed.

RVA is a powerful solution for field service, and its ability to deliver ROI extends broadly into organizations for interdepartmental use. The result is improved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the board.

With Help Lightning, collaboration capabilities include:

  • 3D annotation
  • An intuitive merged reality environment
  • Easy role switching so both sides can control the field of view
  • Photo and document sharing

Additionally, users can also easily record calls, freeze and zoom-in for a more granular view, engage in multi-party calls, and much more.

Benefits resulting from these features have enterprise-wide applications. Many companies using Help Lightning have deployed it across their organizations and have seen massive ROI.

From customer-facing positions to internal workflows, Help Lightning offers companies multiple ways to optimize a range of business functions including c-suite and executive roles, sales and marketing, human resources, and much more. 

Digital Transformations with Remote Visual Assistance

Outside of field service, RVA can be applied to every department with impactful results. Here are some examples:


While RVA may not necessarily be used as part of the executive/c-suite daily workflow, it certainly supports KPIs closely tracked by people in those positions. Key business objectives in executive/c-suite tend to include customer retention, revenue growth, and maintaining or obtaining competitive advantage. 

RVA is shown to increase customer retention rates by enabling companies to deliver faster, better service. With effective virtual support, companies get the help they need in near real-time. High levels of customer satisfaction translate to increased brand awareness and outpacing competition in a range of markets. 

Additionally, the ability to offer elevated service capabilities, providing “hands on” support and access to experts from anywhere in the world, allows companies to expand service offerings and create new revenue streams.

Research & Development/Manufacturing

R&D teams using RVA can effectively collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. Providing efficient and dynamic communication via AR-enabled video streaming supports shorter launch cycles and helps increase productivity. Conception, planning, development, and even post-production audits can be done remotely with teams feeling as if they were in the same room together throughout the production cycle.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & marketing teams who incorporate RVA technology into their company’s messaging, product demonstrations, and overall value proposition are better able to engage new customers. Investing in RVA shows customers that a company is innovative and willing to uplevel in order to provide the most competent service possible. It’s a message that proves awareness of changing customer needs and rapid response in a competitive marketplace. Additionally, it’s an impressive technology to showcase as part of a sales call and/or within marketing assets.

Human Resources

Most industries are experiencing worker shortages, and HR professionals tasked with sourcing new hires are seeking ways to make their companies attractive to prospects. Remote Visual Assistance is exciting to new hires, particularly those who are young and training for skilled positions. Incoming workers find it more appealing to work for companies that demonstrate a willingness to invest in innovative technologies rather than relying on outdated tools.


With real-time analytics and easy reporting generated using Help Lightning, finance professionals are able to track metrics and connect ROI to RVA. This includes reducing costs in key areas like improving first time fix rates, time to resolutions, cost per call, and much more. RVA also provides options to generate new revenue streams with enhanced service capabilities. 

Customer Support

While field technicians are offering customer support directly onsite, in-office customer support can also offer advanced guidance and demonstrations to customers in need of help. Customers can initiate a Help Lightning call with in-office support as the first line of care. RVA provides a complete picture of the customer’s needs, and if the in-office support cannot provide resolution, the technician delivered to the jobsite will have a comprehensive understanding of exactly what’s needed to resolve the problem as soon as they arrive.

Leverage RVA for Strategic Goals

Help Lightning’s visual platform aligns with corporate-wide strategic goals. With easy visual collaboration and comprehensive reporting, all departments can accurately measure KPIs resulting from using RVA technology. Help Lightning scales according to your company’s needs, and can extend your product portfolio in impactful and measurable ways.  

Leveraging RVA across your organization demonstrates a commitment to better serve clients and employees alike. Whether in manufacturing, medical, service, or technology, RVA is effective as a key component in your company’s interdepartmental tech stack

Here are a couple real world examples if you’d like to learn more about how companies are using Help Lightning as an enterprise-wide solution: BUNN and Boston Scientific.

Click here to learn more about Help Lightning and get a product demonstration that’s specific to your industry. 

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