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How Customer Self Service Reduces Field Operating Costs

Field service organizations (FSOs) are in a constant balancing act between providing high quality service while trying to keep costs low enough to support healthy profitability. While technician dispatches are typically a large revenue generator for FSOs, they are costly. The more time technicians spend on service calls and the farther they have to travel, the higher the cost to the company in terms of gas and vehicle expenses and the technician’s time. 

Many FSOs are turning to customer self service as a way to reduce operating costs. However, customers typically require some level of technician support. In our recent whitepaper, Facilitating Effective Self-Service and Superior CX through Remote Visual Assistance, we explain how and why supporting customers with remote visual assistance technology leads to higher profitability and greater customer retention rates while reducing FSO operating costs.

With remote visual assistance technology, companies have the ability to provide customers with dynamic remote technician oversight. This enables customers to help resolve their own issues without the FSO having to send someone onsight. This directly translates to a reduction in field operating costs and happier customers.

Leverage Remote Visual Assistance to Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance technology is AR-enabled video streaming that makes remote technician support feel as if it’s in person. Customers using remote visual assistance have the ability to initiate a call with a field technician, and then merge video streams so that the technician can directly engage with the customer’s environment. Technicians have the ability to reach into the field of view to demonstrate exactly where problems exist and how to fix them. Customers get ‘hands-on’ support, with the ability to freeze frames, make notations, record sessions, and much more.

This technology empowers customers in self service and it allows field service organizations to greatly reduce the number of technicians needing to be sent onsite. 

Self Service Reduces Field Operating Costs

As explained in Facilitating Effective Self-Service and Superior CX through Remote Visual Assistance, this technology has an enormously positive impact on the customer experience while simultaneously reducing costs for FSOs. Examples of this include:

Improve First Time Fix Rates

Whether it’s an onsite technician or the customer servicing themselves, customers are happier when issues can be resolved the first time. Using remote visual assistance technology, customers have the ability to get instant remote support that feels like it’s in person. With the right person helping, the customer is more likely to get the job done right the first time, even when doing it themselves.

Be Proactive with Customers

Customer self service can include proactive maintenance and review to ensure equipment is operating properly. Remote visual assistance makes it possible for experienced technicians to walk customers through routine maintenance. This saves a site visit and also educates customers on what to look for to prevent equipment failure. 

Improve Efficiency While Reducing Travel

Remote visual assistance technology supports customer self service by making experts readily available in a way that mimics in-person interactions. Reducing travel time for technicians translates to more optimal use of technician’s time, while reducing costs associated with travel.

Each of these examples illustrate how using remote visual assistance to support customer self service not only reduces costs—it leads to happier customers as well.

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Facilitating Effective Self-Service and Superior CX through Remote Visual Assistance, is available for download. It explains current trends impacting customer self service, how remote visual assistance technology enables customer self service, and what customer self service looks like when delivered using remote visual assistance technology.

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