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Customer Support Software For Remote Assistance

May 18, 2021

Customer support expectations have evolved alongside new and innovative technologies. And customer support software can play an important role. Steve Jobs famously said “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” With remote visual assistance technology, customer experience is the core benefit. It aims to satisfy and optimize how the end user wants and needs to work. Remote customer support software helps companies deliver superior customer experiences by enabling rapid response times and fast, complete resolution.

With remote visual assistance technology, customers receive a support experience that extends far beyond a faceless phone call or a 2-D video chat. Instead, customers get a dynamic, remote ‘hands-on’ experience that truly supports their needs.

Client-Specific Remote Customer Support Software 

Customer support strategies use remote visual assistance technology to provide customers with very specific guidance. Using a shared screen, technicians show customers how to resolve their problems as if they were working side-by-side. 

When issues cannot be resolved remotely, remote visual assistance technology provides a complete overview of the customer’s needs. If an onsite technician or service professional is needed, they arrive having ‘seen’ the issue. And they are prepared to fix the problem the first time.

Technical service, customer service, customer care, and customer experience personnel in any business sector can leverage this technology. It allows them to collaborate with customers using a merged video stream so that both sides can see the same thing and work on it together.

Whether on mobile or desktop, the Help Lightning app enables people on either side of the screen to virtually reach into the other person’s view for ‘hands-on’ guidance, as well as overlay a new view, and make annotations and drawings that both sides can engage with for dynamic customer support.

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How Remote Visual Assistance Customer Support Software Works

Remote visual assistance technology allows users to view a merged reality where both sides can physically engage with the view on the screen. 

Example of What Remote Customer Support Looks Like 

  1. An equipment operator arrives at work and discovers that his machine now makes a strange noise it’s never made before. 
  2. The machine manufacturer placed a QR Code on the machine for customer support. The operator can easily scan it on his mobile phone to initiate a call with the manufacturing company through the Help Lightning app.
  3. Even though the manufacturer is in another state, a customer support specialist for that specific piece of equipment answers the call to help the operator diagnose the issue.
  4. The operator and the customer support specialist share a merged reality view of the machine.
  5. The customer support specialist now has the ability to reach into the operator’s line of vision. They can point at sections of the machine and show the operator where the issue might be. The specialist can demonstrate exactly how to resolve the problem.
  6. This immediate, ‘hands on’ customer support, allows the specialist to help resolve a highly specialized problem in real time, without having to send someone onsite. 

The operator receives high touch support, and is able to resolve the problem quickly and continue with their busy day.

Remote Visual Assistance Improves Customer Satisfaction 

Effective customer support is arguably the most important part of any company. Quality customer support will increase customer retention, increase referral rates, and decrease customer churn rates. It’s also shown to open new streams of revenue through loyal customers who are more likely to purchase support packages and new products.

Remote visual assistance enhances customer support, supporting several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Download our KPI Tracking Guide to learn more.

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience with Remote Customer Support Software Include: 

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? Review our full list of 20 remote assistance use cases.

You can also download our complete (shareable) guide to remote assistance software use cases.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Remote Visual Assistance Software Can Do for Your Company

Remote customer support software allows companies to meet their customers in the field – and on the job site – no matter where they are located. This high touch and specialized service leads to strong customer experiences. Help Lightning is the solution companies throughout the world rely on to provide optimal customer support.

Contact us for a free, no obligation demo of Help Lightning. If you are a customer, you can try this support page.

Our team is waiting to show you exactly how Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance software can help your company’s specific business needs.

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