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Sustainability Results


Help Lightning is an important solution when driving large, enterprise Digital Transformation (DX) solutions. By enabling Help Lightning our customers are able to positively impact clients by driving call avoidance, improved customer experience and increased market share. Did you know that Help Lightning technology also positively impacts your organizations Sustainability metrics? Sustainability is a key metric for global and regional based clients alike. One of the challenges is how to measure performance based on your companies’ targets.

By deploying Help Lightning technology, you can improve standard KPI’s (call avoidance, first-time fix, time on-site, etc.) while also driving positive sustainability metrics. Sustainability is a key organizational goal that impacts clients, stakeholders, and employees.

Help Lightning’s customized solution and strategic planning team will build a scorecard and ROI model that highlights actual sustainability results by tracking miles-not-driven because of our world-class technology. Each call avoidance instance is calculated based on average or actual miles and then analyzed based on metrics to calculate actual emissions reductions (sustainability) results.

 Contact Help Lightning to find out how your organization can drive traditional field services results, customer experience and sustainability results. 

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