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Remote Sales Calls That Convert Leads into Customers

June 21, 2021

High performing sales representatives know they are most likely to land a sale when they speak to a customer’s specific use case. Face-to-face sales calls tend to have high conversion rates because they enable sales reps to gain a stronger understanding of what their customer needs. This personal, immersive interaction allows sales representatives to demonstrate exactly how and why the product is a good fit. However, in-person sales calls aren’t always possible. Remote visual assistance technology makes remote sales calls an effective way to convert leads into customers.

Close Deals with Remote Sales Calls 

Even after researching a lead’s company and likely use case, sales reps find themselves missing key points of information that could help make their sales pitch more effective. Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance technology enables interactive 3D remote sales calls that make it feel as if the rep and prospect are together in the same room.

Sales reps and prospects engage with each other through a merged video stream. This shared reality allows each user to reach into the screen for a virtual hands-on demonstration. The sales rep gains insights about the prospect’s unique pain points and business function, and can better understand which parts of the product to demonstrate.

Remote visual assistance technology makes remote sales calls more effective than a phone call, or even a 2D video demo. It provides sales reps the ability to ‘visit’ the site of a business, demonstrate their product, and even allow the prospect to have ‘hands-on’ experience with the product.

What Remote Sales Calls with Help Lightning Look Like

Remote visual assistance technology enables sales reps to do their jobs more effectively, whether they are in person, or on a different continent.

Here’s How it Works

  1. A sales rep from a medical equipment manufacturer is located in Utah, and a prospect at a medical facility in Georgia has reached out with interest in a piece of equipment.
  2. The sales rep researches the medical facility, and arranges to have a Help Lightning call with the prospect.
  3. During the call, the prospect gives the sales rep a tour of the facility, showing the rep exactly where to install the piece of equipment. 
  4. The rep is able to get a sense of the facility’s space and can see what other equipment is being used. Help Lightning enables the rep to reach through the screen to point out how the facility could accommodate the equipment, and can show how other equipment in the room is compatible with the product the prospect is interested in.
  5. This first call was a good start, and the prospect invites the rep to the facility so that they can further explore the equipment.
  6. The rep arrives at the facility to a very warm client, and is fully knowledgeable of the prospect’s exact needs.
  7. The rep closes the deal.

The remote sales call using Help Lightning allows the rep and the prospect to be efficient with each other’s time, while each getting the exact information they require.

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Effective and Efficient Remote Sales Calls 

Remote sales calls with remote visual assistance is an effective way to demonstrate how to use products, especially ones that are complex. Industrial equipment suppliers, medical equipment suppliers, and technology companies experience positive impact on several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience with Remote Sales Calls Include: 

  • Higher close rate
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Efficient use of sales rep and prospect’s time

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? You can check out our list of 20 use cases, download a shareable guide or learn how remote visual assistance helps with remote lab equipment sales here.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Remote Visual Assistance Software Can Do for Your Company

Remote sales calls that are as effective as in-person calls allow companies to close more deals, faster. They save on time and the costs associated with travel, and ensure sales reps are working with warm leads for higher close rates.

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