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Remote IT Support Services To Consider

November 16, 2021

Over the course of the last year, remote IT support services have become more than just a “nice to have”. It’s an essential component of any business looking to keep customers happy, support employees, and reduce churn. Choosing the right remote IT support services is officially more important than ever. Especially in an environment in which consumers don’t want to wait for in-person help. Or they don’t want to wait long-times for remote assistance.

In fact, in one study Arise reported that ⅔ of customers would accept a wait time of less than 2 minutes. 13% of customers said no wait time was acceptable. Essentially, your customers’ expectations are going up, not down, with time: so how can you meet them, and how can remote IT support services support your business going into the future? 

Here’s An Example Of Remote IT Support Services

For the purposes of this article, let’s take a growing category of remote IT support services: AR-powered software

Help Lightning is an example of such a “virtual first,” software, powered by augmented reality. It effectively merges customer and service representatives field of view so it feels like they’re in the same room. Essentially, this allows both workers and customers to troubleshoot more easily and accomplish tasks in a shorter period of time.

So how can this type of service drive growth for your business?

1. Support Employees 

Remote IT support services are usually associated with primarily delivering value for customers. But let’s not forget that they can present immense benefits to employees, too. For instance, Help Lightning’s technology allows users to share screens, import documents, point to objects, freeze images, and annotate on screen. This, in turn, allows employees to enjoy more efficacy in their work, and solve problems more easily. 

All around, this results in happier employees who are not stuck trying to iron out complex miscommunications over an audio call. In fact, they will be able to understand customers’ concerns more easily, communicate empathy clearly over video call, and feel empowered to solve disputes on a quicker timeline. Research also shows that efficacy helps reduce anxiety and stress (which should lower worker turnover) and can improve professional development. 

We want to take a minute to reiterate here how important it is to increase feelings of efficacy in the workplace. Studies indicate that employees who feel higher levels of efficacy exemplify the following behaviors: 1) they work harder, because they are confident their efforts will deliver the outcome they desire, and 2) they show more persistence in the face of challenging tasks (and challenging customers!). 

2. Keep Customers Happy 

Remote IT support services are exceptional in the level of convenience and ease of use they offer your customers. Of course this is true as long as you choose the right provider.

Whether your key market is B2B or regular consumers, remote IT support services offer incredible flexibility. For instance, say you have multiple clients across different regions of the US. Troubleshooting complex issues may be time-consuming (not to mention costly) if you require technicians to drive from one region to the next. Instead of passing these wait times on to the customer, remote IT support services like Help Lightning’s AR-powered software means that customers can immediately connect with an expert to troubleshoot an issue. Our customers have seen an average 30% increase in customer satisfaction!

Other benefits of remote first services, like Help Lightning, include: 

  • Improved first time fix rates
  • Mobile-friendly technology
  • Frictionless ease of use (customers don’t even have to download an app; they simple click a link your service representative sends across)

These are all benefits you can pass on to your customers that keep them happy. They also differentiate you – for all the right reasons – among your competitors. 

Interested in learning more about how remote IT support services like Help Lightning will impact the future of customer service? Check out our article, here. Alternatively, sign up for a demo to learn more about how Help Lightning can grow your business.

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