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Remote Inspection: Effective and Efficient for Every Job Site

June 1, 2021

What are the options available for remote inspection? Routine and consistent inspections are essential on every job site. Inspections directly correlate to safety compliance by ensuring equipment is operating properly and that safety protocols are being followed. They also support longevity of equipment by promoting regular machine checks and maintenance. Remote visual assistance technology allows businesses to conduct comprehensive remote inspections, helping save time and costs while protecting workers on the job site.

Companies Can Rely on Remote Inspection

Industrial equipment is highly technical and can be complex. It requires expert operators, engineers, and specialized inspectors to confirm that it’s operating optimally. It can be challenging to get the right people onsite when you need them. 

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance assistance technology enables remote equipment inspections by allowing key personnel to conduct highly specialized and dynamic inspections from anywhere.

Equipment operators, equipment inspectors, and safety engineers can use remote visual assistance for a merged reality view of the inspection site. Whether on mobile or desktop, the Help Lightning app provides a 3D shared view. This allows people on either side of the screen to virtually reach into the other person’s view for ‘hands-on’ inspection that is as effective as in-person. 

What Remote Inspections Look Like Using Remote Visual Assistance Technology

Remote visual assistance technology allows users to view a merged reality where both sides can physically engage with the view on the screen. 

A Remote Inspection Example 

  1. A manufacturer has just installed a new piece of assembly line equipment.
  2. Roughly 20 employees engage with this equipment daily. The project manager must ensure that the equipment is safely installed, and that employees are using it properly.
  3. The safety engineer is at a factory overseas, but can use Help Lightning to initiate a call. They can do a remote inspection of the equipment itself and how workers are using the equipment.
  4. A safety engineer guides the equipment operator to review all of the equipment. They can reach into the screen and point to specific areas in need of attention.
  5. The safety engineer can also observe how workers are using the equipment. And demonstrate the difference between safe and unsafe practices.
  6. This ‘hands on’ inspection allows the safety engineer and everyone working onsite to easily collaborate and ensure everything is operating as required. 

The company was able to conduct a remote inspection. And the manufacturer did not have to wait for all of the needed personnel to be onsite together.

Remote Visual Assistance Enables Fast, Cost-Effective Job Site Inspections

The ability to conduct effective remote inspections makes inspections more accessible. Industries including service, manufacturing, engineering & construction, and energy can use remote visual assistance technology to catch problems before they escalate. And to regularly ensure equipment and safety regulations are being properly maintained.

Remote visual assistance software merges two video streams, that of an expert and an onsite tech. This allows you to perform comprehensive equipment inspections and reviews in real time. This is true whether users are a block away, or on another continent. 

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Remote visual assistance enables remote inspections, supporting several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience with Remote Inspection Capabilities Include: 

  • Increased job site safety
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Reduced costs for equipment repair
  • Compliance with safety regulations

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? Review our full list of 20 remote assistance use cases. Or download our shareable guide to remote assistance software use cases.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Remote Visual Assistance Software Can Do for Your Company

Remote inspections support companies that prioritize high safety standards and aim to maintain optimal equipment function. Help Lightning is the solution companies throughout the world rely on to help teams conduct quick, efficient and pain-free inspections. 

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Our team is waiting to show you exactly how Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance software can help your company’s specific business needs.

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