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How To Reduce Equipment Downtime During Planned Maintenance

July 8, 2021

Shutdown maintenance can only be safely performed when equipment is not in use. This can be costly if maintenance requires prolonged closures and occurs during typical hours of operation. Additionally, planned shutdowns can be complex, impacting other parts of the operation and requiring several team members and engineers to be involved. Remote visual assistance technology is a solution helping manufacturers, and construction & engineering companies reduce equipment downtime during shutdown maintenance for equipment. 

Leverage Remote Visual Assistance to Reduce Equipment Downtime

From initiation and planning through to evaluation, Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance technology enables the shutdown manager, planner, project engineers, shutdown coordinator and other safety specialists and inspectors to work together remotely from anywhere during all phases of the shutdown. 

The Help Lightning app provides a merged video stream, augmented reality view for people on both sides of the screen. Whether on desktop or mobile, people on either side of the screen can virtually reach into the other person’s view for ‘hands-on’ maintenance collaboration that is as effective as in-person.

What a Remote Planned Shutdown Maintenance Looks Like

Remote visual assistance technology allows users to engage in a merged reality where both sides see the same view on their desktop or mobile device. For planned shutdown maintenance, teams can collaborate from anywhere to reduce equipment downtime more effectively. 

Your experts have the ability to reach into the screen. To make annotations and drawings overlaid onto the shared view, and even include tools and parts in the view. All users experience this as if everyone were in the same room together.

An Example of Remote Visual Assistance Used to Reduce Equipment Downtime During Planned Shutdown Maintenance 

  1. A manufacturing company’s shutdown team and shutdown committee have built out a full shutdown scope of work together with processing, maintenance and engineering teams. 
  2. They identified an ideal date and time for minimal disruption to their operation. But, the shutdown planning specialist is in another state, assisting another branch of the company.
  3. This is the team’s first planned shutdown maintenance of a newer piece of equipment, and it requires the expertise and complete focus of the shutdown planning specialist. 
  4. The team plans for a Help Lightning call when all required personnel can be available, including the shutdown planning specialist.
  5. Once the Help Lightning call is initiated, the shutdown planning specialist is able to see and engage with the equipment as if they were there working side-by-side.
  6. The specialists can point to and annotate over the screen and reach into the merged reality field of view. This shows exactly where maintenance may veer off the planned scope.
  7. The planned shutdown maintenance occurs quickly, with reduced equipment downtime.

With Help Lightning, the complex process of planned shutdown maintenance happens when it needs to, even if all required personnel cannot be physically onsite. 

Efficient Planned Shutdown Maintenance at Every Phase 

The ability to merge video screens and collaborate remotely enables efficient shutdown, even when key personnel cannot physically be onsite together. The entire maintenance team can work remotely to coordinate the shutdown.

Remote visual assistance technology supports several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for companies requiring planned shutdown maintenance. Also learn about the role this technology can play in remote equipment installation.

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience Using Visual Assist Service Include: 

  • Efficient and cost effective execution and maintenance 
  • Reduce shutdown costs
  • Reduce shutdown overrun 
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Reduce equipment operator downtime

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? Review our full list of 20 remote assistance use cases. Also, download a shareable guide.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Remote Visual Assistance Can Do for Your Company

Help Lightning helps teams reduce equipment downtime during shutdown maintenance. This helps teams to more easily coordinate maintenance schedules among all required personnel.  

Several experts can be engaged at one time no matter where they are located. This allows them to work quickly to stay on schedule throughout all phases of the shutdown.

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