28 Days of Practical AR Use

  • March 1, 2019
  • Help Lightning

Our CEO, Gary York, is not only a tech innovator, serial entrepreneur, and marathon runner. He’s also an Augmented Reality aficionado. Throughout the month of February, he explored the brighter side of this break-through technology and tweeted daily about practical AR use through the comments and observations of some of our Help Lightning users. You can follow his journey here…

Day 1: Improve CX “…one of the best, if not the best customer service experiences I have had. I was amazed at the technology and the promptness in which this issue was resolved.”

Day 2: “Help Lightning was the only way I could have verified what was broken and what needed to be done.” – System Support Engineer

Day 3: “We couldn’t have done it without Help Lightning.” – Field Service Expert

Day 4: Read how BD has transformed the Customer Experience and Service Performance: https://ptdrv.linkedin.com/5o6p3c2

Day 5: “Help Lightning saved the day! Without this technology, it would have been tough if not impossible to provide the assistance to correctly install the tray heater.” – Technical Support Specialist

Day 6: “this was a win-win-win-win. We turned a potential customer complaint into customer confidence!” – Senior Systems Specialist

Day 7: Install child safety seats correctly with a remote expert!  https://www.uab.edu/mix/stories/virtual-help-for-a-job-virtually-all-parents-get-wrong-installing-car-seats

Day 8: Help Lightning is being used to provide post-surgical patient care. https://helplightning.com/blog/augmented-reality-home-care

Day 9: “It takes 5 minutes to train my internal folks… and just as quick for our customers to pick up the immediate inherent value”

Day 10: “We are seeing huge internal efficiency gains when it comes to fixing complex problems the first time, avoiding dispatches altogether.” https://www.fieldtechnologiesonline.com/doc/how-year-old-bunn-is-modernizing-service-0001

Day 11: “This is a no-brainer because you actually don’t have to be there half the time.” – Meg Whitman

Day 12: “We see it as a real game changer in the way we are able to provide service to our customers.”

Day 13: Customer quote: “We’ve heard ‘Cool’, ‘Amazing’, and ‘I wish we could have this before.’

Day 14: On ValentinesDay, a light-hearted look at how AR can make you a Rock-Star Employee https://helplightning.com/blog/5-ways-that-merged-reality-can-make-you-a-rock-star-employee

Day 15: “A substantial problem solved in about 10 minutes instead of a few hours and a dispatch was avoided” – Applications Specialist

Day 16: “I would recommend the use of Help Lightning on every customer interaction if possible”

Day 17: “Help Lightning was my eyes to get my customer running again.”

Day 18: From the Bunn Innovation Briefing, “We’ve built a program for the customer to demonstrate value, which essentially steals business from our competitors.”

Day 19: Hear Siemens tell their AR story (free webinar). “accelerate knowledge exchange, improve uptime, and reduce costs with the ultimate goal to create value for customers” 

Day 20: Oxford Instruments uses Help Lightning (as LiveAssist) to improve uptime with virtual presence. 

Day 21: “Sometimes things are lost in translation when simply having a conversation. It is easier to simply connect through Help Lightning and see exactly what is happening” – Field Service Expert 

Day 22: “Help Lightning puts RICOH in a completely different category from their competitors and is a key offering that clearly differentiates them.”-Industry Analyst 

Day 23: Diversey reduces truck rolls, increases first-time fix rates, and reduced time to resolution for Customer Service. Download (free) Innovation Briefing to see how. 

Day 24: “We have been able to save the cost of putting a Field Service Tech on a plane by fixing customer issues remotely.” – Service Manager 

Day 25: Today at Field Service Medical, Shannon O. Bray of BD presented on “Implementing Effective Remote Expertise: The Real Value of Merged Reality”. 

Day 26: “Using Help Lightning with end users is not only easy but it provides a better customer support experience.” – Technical Specialist 

Day 27: “This problem was solved in a 27-minute Help Lightning call, likely saving 24 to 36 hours of control system downtime” – Senior Systems Specialist. 

Day 28: Help Lightning “provides a better customer support experience”. @CondoleezzaRice 

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