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5 Ways That Merged Reality Can Make You a Rock Star Employee

  • February 13, 2019
  • Help Lightning

“Rock Star Employee” isn’t the easiest title to win. You’re expected to have all of the answers and excel at your job—all while pulling up the performance of your team, keeping customers satisfied, and delivering exceptional solutions.

So how can you accomplish this? Merged Reality gives you the super powers needed!

  1. Transport Yourself Anywhere–Through the magic of Merged Reality, you can give someone help by reaching into the video steam they are sharing. This gives you the ability to provide hands-on help in seconds anywhere across the globe!
  2. Be the Advisor – Mentoring can make a huge difference in someone’s life, so make it easy for co-workers to connect with you. Invite them to co-pilot your Merged Reality sessions as you instruct someone else; they can watch, interact with everyone, and draw telestrations. Imagine the confidence you will inspire in your team!
  3. Make Your Customer Smile – Happy customers are the heartbeat of your organization and having the ability to be virtually onsite deepens this relationship. Your customers’ confidence in your ability to solve their problems will be at an all-time high when, with a quick link, you can interact and solve their issue quicker than ever before. No more wait time!
  4. Remove the Language Barrier – With Merged Reality all communication can be done with your hands. Just reach in and, using gestures, show exactly what to do. No more frustration from not understanding others or not being understood!
  5. Be Home for Dinner! – Nothing makes for a better employee than a happy one with a balanced home life. This balance may seem like an impossible goal, but it starts with time management. Cut down on your travel across town or around the world; be anywhere, virtually!

At Help Lightning, we want to give you the super powers needed to become a Rock Star Employee! By merging two video streams into one interactive help session, you can be anywhere, instantly.

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