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Success Story: Customer Support Strategies Employed By RJ Young

August 31, 2021

For customers of RJ Young, technology problems need to be resolved as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on business operations. Prior to using Help Lightning, even easy to solve problems required a technician to go onsite. Now with Help Lightning, RJ Young is able to offer instant assistance to customers remotely. This includes guiding customers through installation, training employees how to use equipment, and helping customers troubleshoot whenever a problem arises.

Help Lightning’s 3D merged reality visual assistance tool allows RJ Young new customer support strategies. They enable technicians to virtually be in the room with customers. Technicians can provide a level of remote support that feels as if it’s in person. With Help Lightning, RJ Young is now experiencing higher first time fix rates plus travel and labor savings. Customers are also happy that they get what they need when they need it. 

Harry Merten is technical services supervisor for RJ Young. He shares how Help Lightning enables technicians to respond to customer care needs in real time while saving on travel and labor costs.

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Take Remote Customer Care to the Next Level

With Help Lightning’s merged reality, RJ Young technicians can see exactly what their customer sees. This allows them to demonstrate exact steps for training, installations, and problem solving. 

“One of our technicians was configuring a wireless travel router for a customer and needed a second set of eyes,” Merten explains. “With Help Lightning I was able to observe his steps, verify the programmed settings, and make the necessary corrections as we went through the process together. The tech was able to get immediate assistance from another tech and learn from the experience, and we were able to get the customer’s machine online quickly.”

Customer Support Strategies: Resolve Customer Problems Quickly

For many businesses, every minute of downtime can have a major impact on their bottom line. Help Lightning makes real time services responses possible, allowing your customers to solve problems and move on with business.

“A supermarket customer had a power outage after a storm and needed their only machine up and printing as soon as possible,” says Merten. “The end user was fascinated that we had this technology available and was very eager to receive help. I sent a Help Lightning invitation and the customer had no problems starting the session. Using merged reality, I was able to walk them through the process of properly cycling the wireless router. We alos ensured that the machine was on the proper network. The feature of freezing the frame allows me to zoom in, verify the information, and annotate what to select next for the customer.”

Save on Travel and Labor Costs

Help Lightning allows companies to provide remote care that’s as effective as in-person. This translates to companies spending less time and money on technicians having to travel onsite to resolve problems. Plus, customers are happy to discover Help Lightning is easy for them to use. And they do not have to download extra apps or log onto a new platform.

“A customer was unfamiliar with the correct usage and configuration for one of her machines,” Merten explains. “We conducted a Help Lightning call so that I could immediately assist her. She easily started the session, and I used merged reality to observe and point out the correct steps to take. The customer became so comfortable with Help Lightning that she decided to have me assist her with all of the machines in the office. I was able to save 2 hours of travel time and 1 hour of labor time in a matter of minutes. The customer was unaware this technology existed and was happy we had it available to resolve any issues.”

Customer Support Strategies Drive Fast Customer Response

In-person customer support is costly and time consuming for both you and your customers. Help Lightning enables RJ Young to make the most efficient use of time for their technicians and customers. With quick customer response times and the ability to effectively remotely assist customers, everyone benefits.

Contact Help Lightning for a free no obligation demo, and to learn how Help Lightning’s 3D merged reality visual assistance platform can help your customers receive the level of support they deserve.

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