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An Essential Part of Field Service

  • August 7, 2020
  • Help Lightning

In recent years, digital transformation within the augmented reality space has been a great priority for companies that are looking to be trailblazers in their industry. Companies have turned to technology to increase productivity, decrease costs, provide a well-connected workforce, all while increasing CSAT scores. Field service organizations and call centers across a variety of industries rely on Help Lightning’s virtual remote software to improve first-time fix rates and extend the workforce capacity. 

“It’s absolutely essential to how we’re operating,” – Len Barlik, Cox Communications, Chief Operations Officer

Our customers are across different industries that are utilizing our technology and revolutionizing the way virtual assistance is being used. Canon Solutions America saw an increase in productivity  “A 7-hour service call, instead took roughly 90 minutes to complete…” Fabiano Marino, Senior Digital Service Engineer reported. Fieldcore has observed benefits from using help lightning of increase EHS/Quality/Expertise presence on-site centralized with ROS team, interconnected a workforce with 2100+ users. 

Unlike other remote technology solutions, only Help Lightning combines easy-to-use software with industry-specific expertise and a partnership approach to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. [1]

Remote Assistance is becoming an essential part of field service. Our patented technology allows your remote experts to virtually reach out and touch what their service tech or customer is working on. This virtual remote solution allows an expert to virtually reach out and touch what their service tech or customer is working on. 

How Help Lightning Helps:

When a consumer/customer/remote technicians encounter a problem or a production maintenance issue where there needs to be an expert onside immediately. The Help Lightning software allows for an instant online help session, two video streams become merged into one so participants can resolve an issue together. This simplifies problem-solving and helps increase worker efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. 

Using existing mobile devices (iOS, Android, Browser) experts can now visually collaborate with a customer or colleague as they work side by side. You can telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, import documents, and even add real objects into the merged reality environment. With Help Lightning, experts can show a resolution, not just describe it, even thousands of miles away. 

To receive more information on how this Remote Expertise solution can help your organization remain productive contact us here https://helplightning.com

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