Silver Tsunami Survival Guide

Service organizations will face an alarming shortage of technicians in the coming years. The question is, how will they manage the departure of experienced field technicians while preparing the next-generation for success?

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Case Study - BUNN

BUNN turns field service into a profit center with Virtual Expertise.
Learn from Tim Spencer, Senior Vice President and General Manager Service Operations, how BUNN’s implementation of Help Lightning’ solution helped turn their field service branch into a profit center.

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Case Study - RICOH

Already a well-known company recognized for its hardware centricity,
Ricoh has transitioned into a serviceled business model. It was Ricoh’s strategic partnership with Help Lightning that enabled them to provide a better service experience, both for their customers and their technicians—the latter of which also drove better outcomes for customers.

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Case Study - UST

Yesterday’s product experts are planning their retirement. Hiring their replacements can cost up to 400% of their annual salary (according to industry analysts.) So how do you optimize the use of your most experienced technicians, transfer their knowledge, and bring your new-hires up to speed?

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Case Study - Diversey

In the cleaning technologies industry, customers increasingly look to vendors for quality service and experiences as distinguishing competitive factors. At Diversey, building service relationships with customers has its foundation in operational readiness. Help Lightning helps build those relationships.

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Case Study - BD

Help Lightning enables BD’s engineers and support teams to visualize work environments in real-time and provide accurate directions while working directly with engineers and customers. With complete visibility of the work environment, engineers and support teams can make more accurate diagnoses and part determinations, then immediately transmit solutions to the work site.

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Case Study - Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers has successfully rolled out Help Lightning’s remote expertise solution to more than 2000 agents in 25 countries. From signing the first contract to the final handoff to their service operations teams, the rollout has taken just ten months.

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Help Lightning overview

Help Lightning uses merged reality to create a real-time Virtual Interactive Presence. This allows you to visually interact, assist with issues, and resolve problems as though you are working side-by-side with a colleague or customer.

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