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Touchless Service Becomes a New Reality

  • October 27, 2020
  • Help Lightning

To overcome the challenge of providing human intervention in a touchless service world, FSOs have found that they can provide Remote Assistance, enabled through video-based technology, to close the optical gap. Fortunately, this technology hit the scene several years before the outbreak of the pandemic. As such, adding Virtual Expertise to the remote support experience is nothing new or revolutionary for FSOs. 

Remote Assistance provides a deeper and richer contextual experience for remote support. With Virtual Expertise, a customer can use his Smart Phone or Tablet to stream an image of their machine/problem to a remote support specialist or technician. 

Using this same technology, the technician can isolate the fault, diagnose the problem, and determine the corrective action If it is a relatively simple issue, the technician can send images, text, and annotated repair instructions back to the customer so that the customer can resolve the issue himself. 

If a spare part is required, the technician can ship a part to the customer and issue an RMA. The Shipment of the replacement part and the return of the defective part can also be handled through touchless delivery. 

All these activities happen on-demand, and in real-time through nothing more than Wi-Fi or mobile cellular connectivity. The technician and customer can continue to communicate on their smart devices through voice or chat. It as though the remote support specialist is present, standing next to the customer and advising them on how to resolve the problem.

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