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Solving End-User Reluctance to New Technology: A Field Service Leader’s Guide

April 29, 2021

Solving end user reluctance to new technology is a challenge. There’s no way of avoiding it! Utilizing Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) Software to support customers and field engineers has become the “new normal” within the Field Service Industry. We all read white papers and case studies, attend webinars and virtual meetings. We listen to industry analysts proclaim the benefits of Remote Visual Assistance Software. The initial results show conclusive evidence that the early adopters have achieved numerous benefits from their deployment of RVA.

Here are just a few examples of companies who are solving end user reluctance:

Cox Communications: Utilizing RVA, Cox technicians can troubleshoot and resolve customers’ issues remotely. They can send a text to a customer’s smartphone to connect to a virtual support session. As a result, Cox can deliver service faster and complete more service tickets per day.

Becton Dickinson (BD): BD improved dispatch avoidance rates, streamlined the customer support process, eliminated end-user guesswork, and improved service quality through RVA. Download the case study.

Munters: RVA provides Munters’ technicians with the ability to collaborate remotely with customers, diagnose issues, suggest corrective fixes and adjustments, identify spare parts, initiate parts delivery, and resolve alarms. These companies made early investments in RVA based on the promise that it would improve service productivity,
reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Reluctance is real – so are the solutions

Based on these early successes and FOMO (fear of missing out), more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and embracing RVA Software. Indeed, they expect to achieve similar results or better as these early adopters. Unfortunately, these companies can and do run into reluctance from their employees when it comes to adopting this new technology. This includes field service engineers, call center agents, etc.

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Of course, even the early adopters encountered end-user reluctance. Yet, they’ve managed to overcome them and increase end-user adoption. We partnered with Michael Blumberg at Blumberg Advisory Group to develop this guide. We want to help companies who have purchased RVA or are thinking about buying it to overcome end-user reluctance. It’s exciting to achieve high adoption rates among their employees.

There’s a ton of great value to gain here around user reluctance – even if remote assistance software is not on your immediate wish list. Thanks also to the Service Council for the use of their excellent data on usage and end user sentiment. You can also read John Carroll’s post focusing on mental health & wellness among technicians.

Inside this guide you’ll find helpful information and highly practical suggestions. Read the report and be ready to support your field service team’s successful utilization of remote assistance software. Including:

  • The Sources of End User Reluctance
  • The 5 Common Reasons for Reluctance
  • The 4 Technician Personas WIth Your Field Service Team
  • The 6 Strategies to Overcome Resistance
  • Summary And Conclusions

Download the “Solving End User Reluctance” Guide.

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