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How Strategic Planning Around Use Of Technology Supports ROI Across Your Organization

October 7, 2021

Read this post to further develop a company-wide competency in the adoption and utilization of technology like remote visual support software while tying investments to outcomes. Develop a company-wide competency for using Help Lightning to meet your company’s key business objectives.

A Partnership Dedicated to Your Success

When your company makes the decision to use Help Lightning for remote visual support, you don’t just gain a new tool—you gain a partner invested in the success of your organization. Helping our customers achieve desired business outcomes—greater profitability, increased efficiency and productivity, and high ROI— is at the core of our business. 

The best results come from companies that understand how to leverage Help Lightning remote visual support to benefit business objectives across their entire organization. This is why we work with each customer to develop a Help Lighting strategic plan that is specific to how different companies want and need to use remote visual assistance. 

This guide illustrates how the Help Lightning strategic planning process works and how it can help your organization. You can download our free shareable PDF to share with your organization.

Remote Visual Support: Support Business Outcomes Across Your Organization

First, here’s what Help Lightning strategic planning is NOT: It’s not a blanket strategy applied to every organization in the exact same way. 

Our strategic planning process is a carefully curated approach and a proven methodology for making sure that your use of Help Lightning supports your company’s core business objectives. 

This guide details:

  • Our process of working with key stakeholders in your organization to identify your company’s optimal Help Lightning implementation plan.
  • An explanation of the strategic planning roadmap.
  • A detailed ROI when using Help Lightning that’s specific to each business unit, including:
    • Executive/Leadership
    • Operations/Field Service
    • Research & Development
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Finance

Developing Your Strategic Plan for Using Help Lightning

The Help Lightning strategic plan is a collaborative process between Help Lightning and your company’s executive-level stakeholders. Together we determine exactly how Help Lightning applies to your business objectives, and what metrics are required to determine ROI. This includes competitive analysis, industry benchmarks, and how to best position your company above your competition. 

We then review how Help Lightning supports your desired business outcomes. We also deliver a document outlining an overall strategy to help you succeed. This document establishes ROI benchmarks and is an actionable growth plan.

A Buyer’s Guide to Remote Visual Assistance Software

The Strategic Planning Roadmap

Step 1: Discovery Workshop

During this phase, we work together with your company’s executive-level stakeholders to determine where opportunities exist to maximize your use of Help Lightning. We ask detailed questions about how your company operates, what your objectives are, planned product launches, what kind of technology you are using, and what potential roadblocks may exist. You’ll also want to take your company culture into account. This ensures that deliverables align well with given workflows and relationships between different departments.

We will also be looking at areas of potential added value, new metrics that should be tracked, and how Help Lightning offers new opportunities for growth and expansion. 

Step 2: Delivery of Strategic Plan

After the discovery workshop, our team puts together a detailed plan that includes expected ROI and business outcomes. This turns into a formal document that is delivered to you with very specific instruction. It also includes guidance for how to gain competency and optimal use across your organization. We will meet again to review your strategic plan and answer any questions.

Step 3: Implementation + Results Tracking

Once the plan is in your hands, you’ll have the full scope of how success is defined across your organization. This includes metrics that will be tracked and how to track them. You’ll also have a plan for rollout and training across your organization to encourage fast adoption. 

Step 4: Engagement + Communicating Success

The last step of our strategic planning process is tracking engagement and communicating success across multiple stakeholders. This is where you determine exactly how success will be communicated within departments and then across your organization. However, while this is the last step, it’s a continual process that should become part of your company’s overall strategic planning each quarter.  

What ROI Can Look Like Across Your Organization

The benefits of Help Lightning extend well beyond the active users in your organization. Your strategic plan identifies where ROI exists within each business unit. Below are common examples of ROI Help Lightning users experience across different business units. Many of these examples apply to several departments.

Remote Assistance Software ROI: 5 Positive Outcomes For The Medical Industry


Customer Retention

Help Lightning remote visual support improves the overall customer experience and is proven to increase customer retention rates. As a direct result of using Help Lightning, customers experience faster and better service. This includes increased first time fix rates, fewer recalls and rework, and quick response times.  

New Revenue Opportunities/Growth

Remote visual assistance software allows your company to expand service capabilities to your customers. For example, you can include Help Lightning as part of monthly service packages to increase monthly recurring revenue.

Stronger Market Position

Implementing new, state-of-the-art technology is a market differentiator. Companies that adopt new technologies to improve their customer experience gain a competitive advantage and increase their market share.

Field Service & Operations

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Help Lightning allows you to respond to your customer’s needs almost instantly. Faster response times, increased first time fix rates, decrease in recalls and rework as well as faster product installation all lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Decreased Operational Costs

Help Lightning enables your company to reduce costs while providing better service. Using Help Lightning to deliver service to your customers allows you to provide a high level of remote care whenever your customers require assistance. As many as six experts can join a Help Lightning call, making it easier to connect key personnel. This reduces your company’s in-person travel costs and technician downtime.

Better Use of Resources

Time efficiency and increased productivity resulting from remote assistance software assures manual and financial resources are being used as efficiently as possible. Prior tasks may have required several people onsite. Now, this may require only one person onsite who is supported by a remote expert.

Research & Development/Manufacturing

Shorter Product Launch Cycle

From start to finish, Help Lightning remote visual support enables R&D teams to shorten launch cycles by making it easy to collaborate remotely. As many as six people can work with an expert from anywhere. This removes barriers such as different locations, travel, and scheduling conflicts. With Help Lightning, the expert is always in the room to oversee all stages of the product launch.

Efficient Interdepartmental Communication 

New product demonstrations and/or product issues that must be communicated to different departments or offices in several locations can happen quickly and easily. Teams can even use Help Lightning to share the early stages of research and development to help teams get excited and start planning with more knowledge and intention about what’s to come.

Increased Productivity 

Remote visual assistance with Help Lightning makes it possible for functional experts to be available when needed, no matter where they are located. This reduces downtime across the board, whether it’s for training, to solve problems, conduct an audit, and much more.

Sales and Marketing

Market Differentiation

Gain a competitive advantage in your market by demonstrating that your company invests in cutting edge technology. Customers appreciate companies that show a willingness for innovation that improves the overall customer experience. 

Easily Demonstrate Customer Value

Help Lightning enables operational excellence and delivers value to your customers. As a result, you are able to serve their needs faster and more effectively. Sales and marketing teams can use Help Lightning during sales calls to provide customers with a hands-on experience of how Help Lightning works, and how it serves your customer’s specific needs.

Increased Brand Awareness

Help Lightning can be used as part of omni channel marketing initiatives to develop highly engaging content that will drive increased brand awareness. Tools like promotional videos and organic social media, hands-on trade show demonstrations, industry awards, and articles in trade journals are examples. These offer potential to share your company’s innovative use of Help Lightning to serve customers. 

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Employee Experience

Help Lightning improves your overall employee experience. It makes it easier for current technicians to do their jobs from anywhere, while reducing their downtime and travel time. Additionally, Help Lightning makes it easy to connect technicians with company experts to support remote training and onsite support.

Attract New Employees and Retain Experienced Workers

Help Lightning remote visual support makes it easier to attract new talent by demonstrating to a young, tech-native workforce that your company supports innovative use of new technologies. Additionally, it provides options for your older and experienced workforce to continue working. Also they can train new employees without having to come onsite. 

Contribute to Sustainability Initiatives 

Providing remote assistance to customers reduces required travel. Everything from daily service calls to transatlantic airplane rides to meet customers is no longer a necessity. With Help Lightning, customers get faster, quality service while your company cuts its carbon footprint.


Improved P&L Performance

Using Help Lightning offers new revenue opportunities while simultaneously cutting down on operational costs and expenses, leading to better P&L performance. 

Accessible and Actionable Metrics

Help Lightning’s real time analytics makes tracking costs easier. Your company’s financial experts will be able to determine a range of metrics including cost per call and time to resolution to better project overall performance and profitability.

Cost Justification

Track and manage company-wide ROI from using Help Lightning to easily reconcile expenses and show cost savings. Finance departments will easily be able to compare cost savings from the wide range of capabilities enabled by Help Lightning.

Remote Visual Support: We’re Ready to Partner With You

When you leverage Help Lightning across your organization, it becomes part of the DNA of your company. It will be integral to how your teams operate.  

Our customer success specialists are ready to partner with you. We’ll help create a strategic plan to ensure that your company achieves optimal ROI when using Help Lightning. We will happily answer any questions you have prior to starting this process.

Contact us to learn more. Or download our free shareable PDF to share with your organization.

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