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How Food Equipment Manufacturer Frontmatec Uses Help Lightning for Remote Installation, Sales, Training and More

September 29, 2021

When COVID-19 shut down international borders, Frontmatec was able to provide remote video support to their global customer base. Thanks, in part, to Help Lightning. Many manufacturing companies that provide onsite support found themselves challenged to continue delivering quality customer care in the face of widespread travel restrictions. Frontmatec had already been using Help Lightning, and was able to virtually support customers. Even when in-person meetings and service were not possible.

Now as restrictions ease somewhat, the company plans to expand their use of Help Lightning to provide better, faster service and support. Director of After Sales for Frontmatec’s Central Europe division, Helmut Macher, shares how Frontmatec is using Help Lightning to deliver a high touch, remote customer experience.

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Remote Video Support: Customer Training, Installation, and Service

Manufacturing companies using Help Lightning are able to greatly reduce travel. This was previously necessary for onsite sales, equipment installation, and to service equipment. As mentioned earlier, Macher’s team is able to continue providing elevated support. This is true even when pandemic related travel restrictions make in-person site visits impossible.

“With travel restrictions to customers in Russia, Belarus, Spain and Belgium, we were able to maintain customer satisfaction in our support, even with very technical systems,” Macher explains.

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance enables technicians and engineers to virtually work side-by-side from anywhere in the world. AR-enabled tools allow users to create a merged video stream in which all users are able to engage with what’s on screen in real time. This includes annotations on the screen, the ability to demonstrate with tools, freeze the frame, upload images, and more.

Innovation Aligned with Customer Expectations

Customers increasingly expect innovative solutions from business partners and service providers. The combination of border restrictions, the high cost of travel, and risks associated with traveling during the pandemic translate to a high demand for effective remote support.

“Help Lightning elevates our customer experience and we plan to use it more,” Macher shares. “The demand for remote support is also rising in our customers.”

Prior to using Help Lightning, Frontmatec’s engineers had to travel to customers to demonstrate how equipment would work in their facility. They would also fulfill a range of service needs including installation and training. By using Help Lightning, Frontmatec demonstrates to customers that they embrace innovative technology to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Efficient Sales Cycle

Pre-sales calls can now be done remotely using Help Lightning. Help Lightning enables sales teams to conduct a realistic virtual demonstration of equipment. This is to determine if it will serve customer needs and whether it can align with a customer’s existing setup.

“Our sales team uses Help Lightning for walkthroughs with customers to verify if a system is a good fit for them,” Macher explains. “We can also reduce followup and support visits.” 

If equipment is determined to be a good fit, Help Lightning also enables technicians and engineers to collaborate. This includes a variety of use cases like remote installation, employee training, and equipment service needs.

Help Lightning for Remote Video Support

Macher’s division started using Help Lightning after the Frontmatec USA division demonstrated success with it. He now uses it to support customers throughout Central Europe. High touch remote service using Help Lightning’s AR-enabled software streamlines every customer touchpoint. Including sales through to all facets of customer service and care. 

With Help Lightning, Frontmatec is now able to reduce in-person sales and support. All while still providing the highest level of customer care.

Download a shareable PDF today.

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