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How To Increase Luxury Car Dealer Sales With AR-Enabled Technology

June 16, 2021

Looking for a way to increase luxury car dealer sales? There is a new frontier in increasing car dealer sales, but it isn’t what you think. Of course, elements like brand name, available upgrades, aesthetics, and engineering all contribute to the marketing power of a specific luxury vehicle. Yet we all know that the importance of the sales pitch and the ‘feel’ of the in-person buying experience. It can make or break a purchase and elevate what upgrades the buyer will consider worthwhile.

How many more F-150 Lightning trucks could Ford sell with the help of a cool new technology? Especially one designed to show off and fully explain all the new features?

The quality of the car is a guarantee. So it’s important to differentiate from the crowd when it comes to the details. It will push both hesitant and motivated luxury car buyers over the edge. What technique are we suggesting will boost sales and upgrades for luxury auto dealerships? The answer is Remote Visual Assistance (RVA). RVA is the one tool that can immediately transform the customer’s sales experience. Providing a glimpse into the design and engineering process with the simple use of a tablet.

Increase Luxury Car Dealer Sales With AR-Enabled Technology

RVA is augmented reality technology, which involves the combination of two real-time video streams and the use of on screen annotation. Individuals in different locations can enhance communication by the simple use of RVA and a tablet. This technology, invented by a neurosurgeon, works by providing cues that can be given as if the people were together in person. At this point, you’re probably wondering, how would this apply to auto sales?

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It helps to imagine your ideal car buyer, particularly one who clearly has the extra funds to upgrade their car purchase but wants to know and understand the value they will receive. When they arrive to tour the base model, they’ll witness the trim packages, engine options, suspension, brakes, and more. This is all done in the comfortable environment of a showroom.

But here is where the experience with augmented reality diverges from their expectations. The customer is handed a tablet with a button signaling that they can press it to meet an engineer who helped design their engine (or any other aspect). Once they push the button, they are connected with a designer or engineer in Europe or another distant location.

The car or truck buyer now has the ability to engage with this expert as they inspect their dream vehicle. For automobile lovers, the opportunity is a real treat. Their expert will provide a personalized, guided tour. Including cues for the customer to interact with the vehicle and the tablet screen. The expert can also provide the ‘inside scoop’ on how the particular component, like the engine, was designed. RVA annotations and gestures will give the customer a greater sense of why they would benefit from spending extra money on an upgrade.

Remote Assistance Allows the Car Buyer to Engage Directly With Experts

There are plenty of different ways that remote assistance can be leveraged for luxury auto or truck purchases. This includes both consumer and commercial applications. The additional benefits of enabling the customer to interface with a designer or engineer in a different location are numerous. It is exciting to meet the designer of the dream car or truck. But this inevitably leads to an amazing story that the customer will want to pass on.

Anyone who gets to meet the person whose brilliance inspired their new vehicle will tell their friends and family about the experience. This word of mouth will contribute in its own way to your car sales. And it will help to differentiate you from the pack.

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The upside to Remote Visual Assistance gets even stronger when you consider how you can use it. Specifically, to compete with online car sales. The truth is that interfacing with the car in person all contribute to a more competitive purchase. This includes smelling it, touching it, sitting in it, and getting to see it while discussing with an expert. The extras are more difficult to resist. Especially when the designer describes their rationale and provides a lifelike demonstration with the car right there. A better retail experience with RVA can go a long way.

Help Lightning provides the RVA interface and expertise in augmented reality. This technology can integrate smoothly with your current sales pitch approach. You’ll receive next-generation video collaboration software that facilitates side-by-side virtual communication. A luxury purchase demands a luxury purchasing experience like augmented reality.

Learn all about how Help Lightning can work with your dealership to increase your luxury car sales. Request a free demo today.

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